How to use Crop Circle Photos to Expand your Energy

August 27, 2012 | LaTonya

What does this crop circle express to you?

Crop circles deliver energy to our planet and help release dormant energy/memories within our being.  The energies released or involved with each crop circle have a general theme but will also be specific to each individual that experiences the crop circle.

To work with a crop circle image for personal expansion, print the image out and then rotate it around viewing it from different angles until you find the angle that inspires the most energetic movement within you.

Birds, animals, insects and humans visiting a crop circle are uplifted energetically and then help deliver that energy out into the world when they carry it with them after they leave the crop circle.  If you aren’t able to visit a crop circle personally, you can still benefit from the upliftment energies associated with them by moving your energy into the crop circle photo as you’re viewing it.  That way you can experience some of the same upliftment in vibration that those personally stepping into the crop circle would experience.

Blessings, LaTonya


Image credits:  Simon Brown Copyright 2012
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