Why the "Fringe" TV Show is not so "On the Fringe".

June 10, 2011 | LaTonya

I watched the episode entitled ‘6B” of the Fringe TV show last week and thought it did an excellent job of portraying so much of what’s actually happening RIGHT NOW in our world.  Not the doom or gloom parts, but events, occurrences and actualities in our everyday lives.  Sometimes we forget how far we’ve come as Humanity and this past episode of Fringe was yet another reminder for me of that.

Here’s how…

Summary of the Fringe episode entitled “6B”.

In the episode of “Fringe” that aired on Friday, February 18, 2011, entitled “6B”, the team (characters named Frank, Olivia, and Peter) were led to an apartment “6B” in a six or eight story apartment building.  Apartment 6B was occupied by a grieving widow, who at the moment  Olivia and Peter rushed into the apartment,  was sitting in a chair in her living room talking with a man who appeared as a luminous being surrounded in light (sort of how the movies currently portray someone speaking to a projected image or to someone in a hologram.)

The Widow had just lost her husband through an accident and, she thought the man she was speaking to was her recently deceased husband (“Man”) making contact with her after his death. The Husband looked exactly like her recently deceased Husband.  I turned out though that the Man she was speaking to, who looked just like her husband, was not her actual husband from this dimension, but  was instead someone else living a similar life as hers in another reality or dimension.

Whenever the grieving wife would think of her husband, she would unknowingly open up a connection between our world and the alternate reality the Man lived in, and everytime she did that, it served to create and deepen a vortex or black hole type of energetic disturbance that was threatening to destabilize and suck up into oblivion both our world and the alternate one as well.

So one of the challenges the main characters, Olivia and Peter, had to work through in this “6B” episode was how to get the Widow to stop connecting with the Man she thought was her husband so that the vortex would disappear and all of Earth would be saved from being sucked up into a black hole.

By the end of the episode, Olivia and Peter were able to help the Widow understand that she was not actually connecting with her recently deceased husband, but another who looked just like him.  Once the Widow understood that,  she was able to let her deceased husband go, thereby breaking the connection with her husband’s double and thereby severing the connection between the two worlds that was threatening to destroy both.

What does the “6B” episode of Fringe has to do with Real Life?

As I’ve discovered about many of the tv shows these days (Ghost Whisperer, Heroes, Medium, No Ordinary Family, V, to name a few),  this was an interesting show in that there were many accuracies of our universe mixed into the supposed fictional drama of the show.

Here is my take on some of those accuracies alluded to in the show.

We can Transport our Consciousness

In the show, the Man appeared like an angel or a holograph projection and was surrounding in a glowing luminescence.

How’s this related to our reality, you ask?  Well, if any of you have had visits from past relative and friends that have passed over, depending on the dimension they’re currently residing in now, our relatives will also appear to us surrounded in that type of light.  Additionally, many of our star brothers and sisters don’t actually visit the Earth physically (the energy here is too dense right now for some), they instead “project” their consciousness to our world.

We can do the same.  If you were to transport your consciousness from where you are right now to, let’s say, outside the front door of your home, if another human being capable of sensing energies were to see you, you would appear,   or a part of you would appear, just like the Man did, as if you were a hologram surrounded by luminescence or light.

Many of us are not aware we can project our consciousness.  A simple way to practice this is to get into a very relaxed state and then pick a place you’d like to visit, preferably someone you’re been recently.  For example, if you just arrived home and parked your car in the garage or parking lot, sit in a chair, get relaxed and then “imagine” or visualize yourself back at your car in the garage or parking lot.  Your consciousness is immediately transported to that area, even while your physical body is sitting inside your home in their chair.  It’s that easy, everyone.  We all do it everyday.  For example, have you ever experienced driving in your car and you begin thinking about something and then before you know it, you’re home and don’t remember how you safely drove and got yourself there?  That’s us transporting our consciousness!

We are Multidimensional and Connected to Other Selves across the Universe.

In the “6B” Fringe episode, the Widow actually made contact with a duplicate self of the Man she knew on this planet as her husband.  The husband had another part of himself living in another reality and that was the Man the Widow was speaking to.

We are multidimensional beings with other parts of ourselves and our soul group scattered across the Universe of Universes.  Our individual beings on this planet are connected to other parts of our being… our soul…no matter the physical distance between them, and our soul group is connected to all the other soul groups, and all of our soul groups are all connected in oneness with Creator.
We maintain a connection with these other parts of ourselves even though it seems like we’re just a physical body down here on Earth.  Have you ever experienced dreams where you just KNOW you’ve run across another you living a different life in a different place or a different time?  Sometimes that you connecting yourself to the other parts of you that reside across the Universe.

We can connect with the other parts of ourselves residing in other realities or dimensions through meditation and energy work.  Through that connection, we can gain access to not only more joy and peace in our lives, but a whole host of other skills and abilities we didn’t even know we had.  Now that both the energy of the planet and our own energies are increasing in vibration, it’s easier than it’s ever been to establish and benefit from these connections!

Our Emotional Body has Powerful Influence over our Life.

In the “6B” episode of the Fringe, the Widow had recently lost her husband in this life.  The Widow’s grief and emotional despair as well as the joy and elation she felt within her when her supposed husband reappeared before her after his death all contributed the energy necessary to establish the connection between the two worlds.  When the Widow realized she wasn’t actually speaking to her exact husband, but a duplicate of him living another life, and because of other variables, the Wife decided it was no longer her preference to maintain the connection and she was able to reduce her emotional attachment to the Man and the connection between the two world was severed.  The Widow’s emotional discharge was no longer strong enough to open the connection and “pull” the Man to her.

We all have physical, mental, spiritual and emotional bodies.  Although this is changing by leaps and bounds, for most, the only one of those bodies that  we can see with our eyes right now is the physical body.   Our emotional bodies, however, are extremely powerful, and in connection with the mental and other bodies, substantially contributes to create the experiences of our life.

For example, when our loved ones pass over, if we emotionally are not prepared to let them go, or experience prolonged anguish and grief over their passing, the energy was discharge from those emotional states can serve to “attach” or keep our loved ones tethered to this plane of existence, or reality.  The strength of our emotions can actually “pull” our loved ones back to us here in this dimension and prevent them from moving on.  Similarly, we can attract other lower vibrational energies that may be parts of us if we maintain low vibration states of anger, jealousy, despair, sorrow or anxiety.

But instead let’s focus on how we can utilize our emotions in a way that’s empowering for us.

The power generated by our emotions is just like electricity.  We can’t see electricity, but it surely exists and we can surely feel it and the results of its existence just the same.  We can’t see electricity, but it exists and can be used for both negative purposes (death penalty) or positive (generating power for our homes).    The powerful energy produced by our emotions functions in a similar way.

So I’d like to concentrate on how we can utilize the power of our emotions to empower ourselves and better our life experience.

In the “6B” episode, The high intensity or strength of the Wife’s emotions brought or “pulled” the Man’s energy to her, yet the Wife was able to sever the connection when she made a conscious decision or choice  to do so.  The moment the Wife understood the Man was not actually her exact  husband, she understood she was not talking to who she thought she was and withdrew her emotional attachment to the Man.  The moment she did that, the Man in hologram form instantly dissolved and disappeared and the world was saved from being sucked up into a black hole.

We can do the same.

First, our loved ones deserve to move forward in their experience and by us allowing ourselves the time to grieve and then getting the assistance we may need if our grief extends for too long, we can support our loved ones in moving on to experience other parts of Life.

Second, by understanding our emotions are powerful and negative emotions can attract more negative energy to our lives, we can make a conscious choice to manage our emotional states so that we can experience greater levels of pe`    ace, joy and balance in our own lives.

Accessing our Emotional Body Helps us Access our Intuition.

Connecting to our emotional body can increase our 6th sense or intuition.

Back to episode “6B” of the Fringe tv show.  At first, in the beginning of the show, Olivia was only able to see to the other side, or see the other world, and actually see the holographic Man standing in the Wife’s apartment, when her emotions were heightened through a state of fear.  At first, Peter wasn’t able to see the holograph Man at all.  But then, as the two worlds began merging more and more from the Wife’s repeated connections with the Man, after that, then both she AND Peter were able to see the Man in the Wife’s living room without either of them being in a state of fear or heightened emotion.

The same is true for all of us.  As the vibrations of the planet and as our own vibrations increase, more and more of us are stepping into our natural gifts and abilities of seeing through the veil or across dimensions without being in a heightened emotional state or having to go through things like a near death experience to see them.  More on our planet than ever before are seeing loved ones who’ve passed and angels and other spirit beings than ever before.   (Note:  this “seeing” through the veil is not limited to physical sight, many of us “see” into the other side through our feelings or through the sense of smell and some just plain “know” things they couldn’t possible know without having “seen” across the veil.)

I like to remember that we’re taking things easy on ourselves.  So as the vibration continues increasing across the planet, many will begin with activating their 6th sense, their “intuitive knowing”  (whether that knowing comes through sight, smell, a feeling or general knowing) and will thereafter move to accepting more of their natural gifts of multidimensionality.

We’re on our way and doing just fine.

So watching this past weekend’s “6B” episode of Fringe was a great experience for me, for it reminded me of all of the above.  I find it truly amazing how much of the truth of what we’re actually going through and are makes its way into our common television shows.

How can you find out if what’s discussed here is really true or not for our world?  How can you “know” whether this is true for you or not?  As with anything, go into your own heart, your heart of hearts, your Sacred Heart…go within … and ask!

I hope this article, the Fringe TV show and all the beautiful happenings in the world around you right now gives you hope.  I thank you for joining me today and for reading this and hope what was shared enables you to see and be reminded of how we are ALL serving as lightworkers in one way or another, even if we don’t consciously know it.  And I hope this gives you as much hope, inspiration and joyful expectation about the glory of where we’re headed as you can take.

Love, peace and blessings,


If you would like to watch the “6B” episode or other episodes of “Fringe”  for free on Friday nights– go here:  http://www.watch-fringe-online.net/.

There’s  a forum on the Fringe TV show here:  http://fringe-forum.com/forums/index.php.

Here’s a full recap of the “6B” episode (summarized much better than I did): http://www.tv.com/fringe/6b/episode/1373561/recap.html?tag=episode_recap;recap.

If you would like to discover more about the glorious, divine nature of us human beings, here’s a wonderful book:  “Oneness” by Rasha  (Published by _____).

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