What is Your Default Waking Brain Wave Frequency?

January 6, 2017 | LaTonya

Did you know that you can reset or establish an optimal brain wave frequency on your own?  You can do this by working through the Healing Angels and the power of your own intent.  An optimal brain wave frequency will help both your brain and body work better and can help you have a healthier, easier, more creative and joyful life.

Our brain wave frequency measures the electrical activity of the brain and reflects the quality of consciousness moving through the brain and body.  While we can operate in all brain wave frequencies – beta, alpha, theta, or delta – we often gravitate to a specific range as a conditioned default pattern.

Generally, the lower the brain waves, the more efficiently your brain is functioning as a unit and the deeper your connection to All That Is.  The higher the brain waves, the more focused, and thus limited, your awareness… The more the brain is out of the way, the further you can expand your awareness! [1]

Different Brainwave States[1]

Delta – 2 – 4 hertz:  This is the brainwave state experienced with  astral travel, lucid dreams and near death experiences.  Here the conscious mind is out of the way and you are not bound by the rules of physicality.

Theta – 4 – 7 hertz: Associated with channeling, mental silence, etheric vision work.

Alpha – 8 – 13 hertz:  Ideal brainwave state for most waking work.  Right and left hemispheres of the brain are connected so that we are operating from a “whole-brain” balanced state.

Beta – 14+ hertz:  As the brain waves speed up, we experience more conflict in our lives.   The brain is in a busier, much less efficient, over analytical state where we are prone to tv/media brainwashing, pain body identification, aggression, mania and other extreme negative behaviors.

Operating from the Alpha State is ideal, especially for healing work.  In the alpha state, we can access mass consciousness and affect our own and  other minds positively.  In the alpha state, we are relaxed and accepting and operating from a “whole brain” state.  We are much more likely to intuit what is best in any given situation without being over-analytical or trying to “fix” the situation.  Basically, it gets down to it that the slower our brain waves are the more smooth, creative and balanced our life experience is.

How to Affect Brain Wave Frequency

You can raise or lower your brain wave frequency depending on what your doing at any given moment.

The article “What are Binaural Beats?” from eraoflight.com gives a nice summary of how to use Binaural Beats or Isochronic Tones to affect your brainwave frequency. [2]

You can also use standard biofeedback equipment to do the same thing.

You can also cultivate an alpha state by tracing a horizontal figure eight over your eyes.  This connects both hemispheres of your brain and helps you operate in a very balanced, whole-brain fashion.  Why not try this technique right now?

You can also address your brain wave frequency with a Pure Energy Diagnostic.  The report from this diagnostic will share information conveyed by your own I AM Presence and the Healing Angels confirming:

1) your AVERAGE waking brain wave frequency at the time of your energy scan,

2) your AVERAGE waking brain wave frequency over the last 30 days,

3)  your AVERAGE overall brain wave frequency over the last 30 days (during both awake and sleeping hours), and

4) your IDEAL average waking brain-wave  frequency at this time of your evolution.

With a Pure Energy Diagnostic Clearing Session, we can also go a step further and ask the Healing Angels to take the steps necessary to increase or decrease your brain wave frequency up or down according to your needs.

How Active are you During Sleep?

Raymond Grace, a dowser and one time top trainer for the Silva Mind Control Method (which teaches how to achieve alpha brainwave state and work from there) found that brain wave states at or below 10 Hz were best for accessing the field of collective consciousness for healing work.[1]

Spirit has encouraged that we all go to sleep at least before 12 midnight to give ourselves time to reach the deep sleep states necessary for self-healing, astral travel and overall rejuvenation.

Spirit has confirmed that you can tell how active you are in your sleep state by comparing your average overall brain wave frequency to your average waking brain wave frequency over the last 30 days.  The wider the margin between these two numbers, the more active you are during sleep time with astral travel, lucid dreaming, healing, working on the etheric plane, etc.

For example, my average waking brain wave state over the last 30 days (including only the awake state) was 6 hertz (theta range), which is associated with mental silence.  My overall default brain wave state over the last 30 days (including both waking and sleeping states) was 3.5 hertz (delta range), which is associated with lucid dreams.

The fact that my 30 day average, overall brain wave state was 3.5 hertz (delta range) tells me I am reaching the delta brain wave state during sleep.  That means I’m probably healing the body, astral traveling or lucid dreaming during my sleep.

Great to know!

What is your Average and Optimal brain wave frequency? 

Your optimal waking brain wave frequency will depend on what you spend your days doing the most. I suspect the optimal brain wave frequency of someone focused almost exclusively on their ascension will be different than that recommended for a physicist or student.

In the past, the  optimal waking brain wave frequency recommendations most often fell in the alpha range between 8 – 13 hertz.  However, as we are going through these ascension times and most especially with those focused on ascension and working in the healing and spirituality fields, I am finding the optimal waking brain wave frequency for most now comes in at below 11 hertz (music, art, appreciation, etc.)

What is your optimal brain wave frequency?

Book a Pure Energy Diagnostic and find out!


[1]  Dowsing Beyond Duality, p. 115 – 118, by David Cowan & Erina Cowan, Weiser Books, 2012.

[2]  What are Binaural Beats?, www.eraoflight.com/2016/12/28/what-are-binaural-beats/

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