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“Universal Light Explosion” Online Event


For many of us, the purpose of both our journey on Earth and all the focus we place upon our spiritual practice is to gain and feel a deeper oneness and connection with Creator. This deeper oneness and connection allows us to prosper, transform our lives into something meaningful for ourselves and others, and assists us in allowing our Light within to shine brilliantly upon our world.

Yet, the path to our ultimate, full, true  expression can be challenging!

Are you one who…

  • Yearns for a deeper connection with Self, those around you, Spirit, our Star Family, Creator?
  • Has the road to ascension been filled with such emotional ups and downs that it’s left you feeling worn out, exhausted, confused or passionless?
  • Or perhaps you are one who feels the stirrings within and acts on them, but are simply looking for more opportunities to act as an anchor for Creator’s light on Earth and throughout humanity?

Connecting with Universal Light can assist with the above and more!

Love is the energy that supports our growth at all times, allowing us to remain balanced and at peace throughout all intense spiritual transitions occurring within our being right now. It is because of the great wealth of this very Love that the Universal Light energy holds that makes it both so accessible and beneficial to us.

Universal Light, represented by a gold vibration of light, is shared with us through Beloved Lord Melchizedek, who has as a chosen mission to share the teachings and experience of Universal Light with All.

Join us for the Universal Light Explosion Online Event and experience warm, flowing, golden Universal Light for yourself!

Investment in Self: $20

Premium Members: $5

(Premium Members – Login and purchase from Members Store for discounted rate!)


Click the Buy button to submit payment through Paypal. After payment, you’ll be redirected to the page where you may select a convenient date/time to attend this phenomenal event!

This event offered to Premium Members on sale for $0 for month of February 2012!  Login to Member Area to sign-up!


Are you ready to…

  • Expand your energy, consciousness, wisdom and understanding of Self to a higher level
  • Come to understand that you are more than just your body
  • Take on a greater responsibility for your own spiritual development
  • Remain balanced and at peace through the spiritual transitions of these Shifting times.
  • Activate a greater love from within your being thereby expanding the heart chakra
  • Enhance your connection with the Creator, Universal, Multi- Universal or Cosmic Energies
  • Restore your energy and being and heal all experiences since separation from Creator
  • Fill your heart with love!

Then please JOIN US for the Universal Light Explosion Online Event, where your energy facilitators, Charles Wilksona and LaTonya Harrison, along with all the event participants globally, will connect with Lord Melchizedek and the Universal Light to experience and bathe in its warn, golden, rejuvenating energy!


Bonus #1

– Registration automatically enters you into drawing for Free 1 hour coaching or energy session (Must be present online to win).

Bonus #2

– All registrants to receive free Life Survey Questionnaire that can help you get clear on what you’d like to explore or expand in your life.

Bonus #3

– Surprise bonus for those willing to serve as angels to the world and share this event with others. (Free Bonus available after registration!).

There is loving guidance and support for all of us at this time.

You don’t have to go it alone.  You can participate in creating a wave of Love across this planet.

Let yourself take the time to connect with these Universal Light energies and be uplifted!

Join us!

Investment in Self: $20

Premium Members: $5

(Premium Members – Login and purchase from Members Store for discounted rate!)

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