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For those that have already seen this page, here I’ll keep a running tally of changes/ additions to the page so you can more easily tell when it’s been updated.  Love and Light, LaTonya

9/3/12 – added video examples of GFL Andomedan vessels and AC rainbow lightships.

7/4/12 – added BBC News, Stephen Cook and Diane Sawyer to Media Organizations list.

7/4/12 – as the word and energy behind “arrests” are of lower vibration than the energy we’re all moving into, upon suggestion by Archangel Michael, all uses of the word “arrest” have been modified to “containments’.  For more information about the energies of arrests versus containments, go here.

3/27/12 – added video example of GFL pitted, peach ships.


There are two categories currently on my watchlist.

1.  Examples of Galactic Federation of Light and Ashtar Command Ships

First, Star Family has indicated they plan to increase the number and quality of sightings of lightships in our skies, both during the day and night.  So here, I will post a running list of the descriptions given of the different types of ships we’re seeing or will be seeing in our skies. As we inform ourselves about the type and different characteristics of the ships, we can share this same information with others and this action can help to decrease the fear associated with witnessing Star Family in our skies.

2.  Media Organizations Expected to cover the Ascension / Containment / Disclosure Project Topics

Second, here I will maintain a running list of those media organizations that are suspected to have agreed to cover the containment/mass arrests of the cabal / illuminati and the disclosure project. [1]  As things heat up, we can visit these sites and review the information presented by these media organizations until these issues of the containments and disclosure are more accurately and fairly disclosed by the media.  As always, exercise your own discernment and remain balanced while reviewing any and all materials regarding these matters.  It remains to be seen which media organizations will indeed cover these events in truth, love and light.

If you have information to add to either of these lists, please feel free to Contact Us.

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Starship / Lightship Classifications:

Galactic Federation of Light Starships

GFL Mothership:

These ships are usually cigar shaped, in part, because this is the most preferred shape for moving through various atmospheres and energy levels with these least amount of disruption.  I recently ran across a great schematic showing the details of the various levels of the most common type of GFL mothership.  For example, this map showed that one entire, individual level (or story) of a mothership might be dedicated to storing scoutships, while another level might be for lakes, forests, parks and plantlife and yet another level might hold the sleeping quarters or lounges, etc. I will post this schematic as soon as I find it – it’s become lost in the sea of data on my computer!

SAMPLES:  GFL Motherships

GFL Mothership over New York – 3/22/12

Note:  This Mothership appears to be making an “infinity” sign in the sky!


GFL:  Boomerang / Inverted V Ships:

These are described as large, black, V-shaped craft with lights running down both wings.

SAMPLES:  GFL Starships – Boomerangs

UFO in Phoenix, Arizona, USA – March 8, 2012


GFL:  Rounded / Inverted Peach Ships:

These are described as if you took a peach, cut it in half and removed the pit.  These starships are rounded on top and you would be looking at the pitted bottom portion of the ship when viewing the bottom of the ship from the ground.

SAMPLES:  GFL Starships – Inverted Peach Ships (pitted bottoms)

UFO Sighting – Himalayas – 03/25/2012

Note:  As the ship in this video turns, you can see the pitted bottom!



Excerpt – Message from the Galactic Federation of Light – 3/16/12 – discussing GLF Starships

Through Greg Giles

One design of our ships that you will be seeing more of in the days to come is what can be described as an inverted V, or boomerang shaped craft. These craft can be very large in size, they are black, with a single row of large lights running the length of both wings of the V-shape. Another type of craft you will begin to see in your skies is of a round shape, lighter in color, and can be visualized if you were to take a peach, cut it in half, and remove the pit. The pitted side would be the bottom side of the craft as it can be seen in the sky.

These are just two designs of the many types of ships we possess, and we feel it important to give you some idea of what to look for as we are now increasing the number and quality of the sightings of our craft. In time, our ships will become common knowledge to you as we will be traveling quite often through your world and approaching ground-level frequently to rendezvous with those who will be working with us, as well as while we are working to repair your planet and better prepare her for ascension.

These descriptions were created by the Galactic Federation of Light in order to give you some idea of how some of our commonly used craft appear. Many of you will be boarding these ships while working with us and you will receive a complete tour of their interiors and a rundown of its operation and capabilities. We wish as many of you as possible to become familiar with our craft so fear will not present itself upon our descent from the skies. There are some of you at this time who fear Cabal operated craft, and we assure you that the Cabal will not be permitted to interfere with our plans at disclosure and our personal working relationship with you.

GFL:  Andromedan Starships

These are described as egg-shaped with rounded edges and look similar to an egg on its side (laying down horizontally).

SAMPLES:  GFL Starships – Andromedan Starship

Disc Shaped UFO Caught Over Tijuana, Mexico



Ashtar Command:  Lightships

Ashtar Command Lightship: Rainbow Lightships

Rainbow ships are lightships of the rainbow colors – red, green, blue and yellow.


SAMPLES:  Ashtar Command Lightships – Rainbow Ships

Rainbow Colored UFO Recorded Over Israel


Excerpt:  An Hour with an Angel (Radio Show) with Ashtar, August 13, 2012

… SB: Thank you, Ashtar. Before we begin, I’d like to ask you two initial questions. The first is why the galactics chose not to appear during the closing ceremonies of the Olympics, and the second is to tell us anything you can about the alleged 150-mile-wide Andromedan ship that is supposedly visible in the southwestern skies of the Pacific coast of North America and over Australia.

A: We did not choose to interfere or to make our presence known in any way in a showy kind of fashion during the Olympics. Our presence was noted on several occasions, but it was not to interfere with what is considered to be a global event of great joy in which many take huge delight, and it was not a situation where we felt that our presence would be welcomed. So it really is as simple as that.

SB: All right.

A: Was it an opportunity where we could let our fullness of our presence be known? Yes. But it would not be viewed as welcoming or unoffensive or neighborly. It would have been considered as interfering in a closing event where a great deal of effort and a number of people have gone to great trials to make it a pretty event. And so that is why we have chosen not to display, or “show up,” as you have called it.

SB: Okay. And the 150-mile-wide Andromedan ship — can you tell us something about that, please?

A: It is a lovely ship. And yes, it is making its presence known, as are many different ships, actually. So it is visible not only to those in Australia and the Pacific, it is being seen in various places. And there are a number of ships of that size that will be showing up in your night sky so that people are getting used to the idea, more used to the idea.

There are a number of very large ships that are making their presence known, part of the various fleets that are being positioned around the Earth, around Gaia, around your globe, so that the presence of objects, shall we say, in the night sky is becoming more apparent. So it is simply part of a very subtle reality that we are introducing into people’s consciousness.

SB: And can you tell us where people might look to see these other ships that will be positioned?

A: On the east coast, you can look towards the east, northeast sky between twelve and one o’clock, and you will see what appears to be like an egg-shaped ship, white in color — again, another Andromedan vessel. And it is … if you are thinking about looking at the sky as a clock, it would be about ten or eleven o’clock.

In the midwest, it is directly, what you would think of, overhead. This is a ship of the intergalactic fleet. There are a number of them also appearing. This one tends to have a bluish hue, and the positioning is more early in the evening, so that you cannot mistake it, though, for the evening star or the early stars of evening. But it is directly overhead as if you have to tip your head back. If you were in Kansas or Iowa it would be a matter of looking directly overhead in the early hours of the evening. You do not have to wait towards the midnight sky.

If you are in the southern hemisphere you are already witnessing the Andromedan ships as well. And there is a number of increases simply in the number of ships that are de-cloaked or making themselves available to be spotted by the naked eye, not the size of these massive vessels, but certainly very clearly visible, particularly what you think of as red … rainbow ships — red, green, blue, yellow — as well as the egg shaped.

And we emphasize that because it looks tubular, but it is curved on the ends. So it is as if you have an egg on its side, not up and down.

So, we are doing this as part of our mission and purpose, to simply show up more clearly for people to become acclimatized, and to do so in a way that is not fearful, simply to notice what is there and what has never been seen or observed before…

More Ashtar Command Lightships

SAMPLES:  More Ashtar Command Lightships

Ashtar Command Lightship –  Spain – 3/8/12
Courtesy Santiago Martinez Ufo hunter SPAIN


Ashtar Command Lightship –  Arizona – 3/22/12
Lightship displays interesting colors


Excerpt – Message from Ashtar Command – 3/21/2 – discussing lightships

Through Greg Giles

Sorry we have left the lights out. Tomorrow we will turn the outboard lights of our ships on so many of you can see us for yourselves and take as much photographic and video evidence as you wish. We of the Ashtar Command are joining with our brothers and sisters of the Galactic Federation of Light in allowing more sightings of our ships, as well as much clearer sightings, to act as icebreakers to our presence in your world. Our command is also here in great numbers, and we have ships stationed above many different parts of your planet.

We would like you to also understand that although our ships may differ in appearance from some of those of the Galactic Federation of Light, when you see our ships you will not be seeing ships of the forces controlled by your dark Cabal. Our ships can be rather large in size, and our ships differ in their appearance somewhat from Galactic Federation of Light ships as our ships utilize light technologies as a source for their propulsion and operation and may differ greatly due to this these properties. When you see our ships you will be seeing light that differs in color to the background of the sky or space. You will still be able to photograph and videotape our ships, although what will appear on your 3rd dimensional film will not be clear outlines and depictions of how our ships truly appear and look like to us from our perspective. Nonetheless, we feel it is important that we begin to make our ships known to the people of your world as we are here and you will be seeing our ships in your daytime as well as nighttime skies.

The Ashtar Command has many ships of varying size and capabilities. We have ships designed for peaceful application, and we also have warships used to assist in the removal of the forces of the dark from worlds where the lessons learned from them are no longer necessary for the education and upliftment of those of a particular planet. Our ships used for this purpose do not function such as the warships of your 3rd dimensional world, rather, our ships peacefully and harmlessly roundup and exile the machines of war and their crews from their positions around and throughout a planet. Just as the Galactic Federation of Light, we to do all we can to make sure no harm comes to those of the opposing forces, but they must be removed somehow if they do not voluntarily surrender and end their resistance to the new direction of a society.

Our ships will radiate in many different vibrant colors as each color possesses a different property and allows for certain capabilities. You may refer to our ships as Lightships, for indeed this is how they will appear to you. Upon your ascension into the higher realms, our ships will appear slightly different to you, but depending on your level of advancement they may not appear in their true form and shape. We would recommend that the people of your world begin to become familiar with the appearance of our ships and the appearance of Galactic Federation of Light ships as you will be seeing us in your skies and it may be useful for you to be able to recognize our different alliances and assist others in our identification.

We, the Ashtar Command, are aligned in our mission with the Galactic Federation of Light at this time. We are playing for the same team, we are both of the light, and are both here for the upliftment of your planet and her people. You will not be seeing any other organizations or alliances of the dark here any longer, and you have nothing to worry about in this regard. We now have your atmospheres secured, and they will remain this way all the way through your planet’s ascension into the higher realms. You can be confident in our abilities and trust that we have performed operations such as this very many times before.

Your safety is in good hands. Do not fear any ships you see in your skies as they will be manned by beings of the light who are here in service to you at this time. We would like to see many of you sharing this information with your brothers and sisters as we wish to step up greatly the number and quality of the sightings of our ships and this can only be made possible when an adequate understanding of who we are and why we are here is reached by your people. ‘Help us help you’ are words we would like you to keep in mind as we proceed with the next phases of operation.

Read Full article here:


Media Organizations Covering Arrests / Disclosure Project

Conscious Media Network:

The Huffington Post:

BBC News: [2]

Stephen Cook, editor of The 2012 [2]

Diane Sawyer (Lila Diane Sawyer is the current anchor of ABC News’ flagship program, ABC World News. Previously, Sawyer had been co-anchor of ABC News’s morning news program, Good Morning America. Wikipedia [2]


[1]  Excerpt from Message from the Galactic Federation of Light – 3/8/12

Continue to pave the way for this reunion by spreading the news of the arrests of the members of the Cabal and of our presence here in your world. Mainstream news of these arrests will be breaking soon, and we ask you to continue to monitor your media outlets and share with each other the identities of those media companies that will be covering this event that will soon become evident to many of you.

This will surely be a very exciting time for many of you, and we would very much like to see as many of you as possible enjoying these news reports and joining in celebrations which we feel are very much called for. This is your moment. You have earned it, all of you, and we wish to see you all enjoying this moment together. It is been a long and tough road for all of you, and we tell you that this part of your journey is about to reach its end. It will be a new road for you, with new challenges, adventures, and rewards waiting for you, and it all begins just up ahead. Keep moving forward. You are almost there.

We are the Galactic Federation of Light.

Read the full message here:

[2]  BBC News, Stephen Cook and Diane Sawyer were shared by Archangel Michael as credible news sources in a message channelled through Linda Dillon to Steve Beckow on or about July 4, 2012.

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