Walk Leads to 3 Keys to Joy

June 10, 2011 | LaTonya

Sometimes when we dare to take a different path, change our life up, live on the wild side, we run across miracles and inspirational moments that serve to transform our lives from the “ho hum” to deeply fulfilling, spontaneous, joyful adventures that awaken the Spirit within.  Have you had one of those experiences lately?  Here are a few keys to happiness I learned from my most recent one…

The Walk

This morning, instead of taking my normal route for my morning walk, my friend and I decided, instead, to into a new area just off to the side of the normal street I take for my walk.  It was a heavily wooded area with a long narrow ravine running through it that is normally filled with water runoff whenever we have a big rainstorm.  (See above for an actual picture of this walkway.)

What a magnificent treat that was!  The birds were chirping as they flew from tree to tree, the squirrels were joyfully scurrying across the path in front of me and I even saw 3 rabbits playing what looked like a game of tag as they took turns chasing each other around a large tree stump.  My senses of sight, smell and touch were enlivened as I witnessed the yellow flowers blooming on the trees, some of which had fallen to the ground in various places forming beautiful golden carpets on top of the soft, squishy sand my feet melted into as I walked.

As we ventured in this paradise, my friend and I walked under large, tall trees whose branches extended towards the middle of the ravine pathway in a loving embrace forming an umbrella type shading over our walk.  Occasionally, when my friend would stop under a tree, I noticed that several of the yellow blossoms adorning the trees were silently falling down around him.

When I saw this, I immediately felt I “oh,, that’s so beautiful” and wanted some of that love too.  Then I looked up and around me and saw that I too was standing under the massive branches of that same tree and soft, yellow flowers were also falling down around me like snowflakes gently caressing my face, hair, body and aura.  It was so warm, comforting and nurturing!

Occasionally as we walked by trees with particularly low hanging branches, we would run across single yellow flower buds seemingly suspended in mid-air in front of us.  Upon closer inspection, I noticed that those buds were actually attached to the end of a spider’s web hanging down from the tree brances above it.  I saw several of these mid-air hanging flowers on the walk this morning.  The position of the sunlight was just right and the flowers looked like jewels hanging in mid-air, twirling, flowing and shining beautiful, yellow-gold light for all to see.

The Joy

Needless to say, while I didn’t’ do any extensive stretching during this walk, I came out of the experience more renewed, refreshed and enlivened than if I had!

From just this little walk I learned and was reminded of so much.  Below are just a few of those reminders.  Perhaps you’ll find them helpful as well?

1. We can Embrace Change

Don’t’ be afraid to get off the well worn, beaten path of your everyday life.  There’s magic and beauty around you at every moment.

2.  We are Abundant

It’s up to us individually to see the abundant gifts the Universe is showering us with each and every day.  Don’t fret that another seems to be gaining all the flowers of life.  Just look up and notice that you’re surrounded and shaded by the loving arms of the Mother Earth and Creator as well.  If you focus on the flowers raining down on another, you might miss the bountiful abundance raining down on you!

3.  We each Add to the Beauty of Life

I found the interplay of all the different aspects of our world mesmerizing.  I was amazed at the participation of all of our animal friends, the trees, the earth and Mother Nature in creating such a beautiful tapestry of life, connection, unity and love – all for my eyes and senses to experience and bear witness too.  I ran across all that abundance and beauty in that one 100 yard area just minutes from my home!

I was reminded that sometimes we’re too close to the little picture of our lives to see the big picture and what a positive influence what we think, feel and do has upon it and those who surround us in it.

Sometimes we feel we’ve been forgotten, that we’re not important, that we don’t make a difference. Have you ever felt that way?  If so, I’m here to lovingly remind you:  You have not been forgotten.  You are not alone, even when it feels like it.  We’re all in this magical thing called life together!

I was reminded today of our invisible connection – borne of that spider’s web of Divinity connecting us all.  You are that rabbit, that bird, that squirrel, that beauty that brought such delight to my heart on the walk today.  You are that jewel shining in the Sun reflecting Creator’s peace, love and glory upon this realm. Your love and your divine creativity expressed rains down flowers of abundance and joy on us all.

You are that.  I AM that.  We are that.

We are One.




Here’s a video by Macy Gray called “Beauty in the World.”  The coincidence of my running across this video as I was putting together this post was just too much to ignore and so I just had to post it!  Enjoy!


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