Vanish Doubt Quickly Using the Amazing Source Breath

June 10, 2011 | LaTonya

If you’re ready to soar, break out of your shell and release your remaining fears and doubts, the Source Breath is an amazing technique that can help you get there faster.   This is an extraordinary and different time upon our planet, one Humanity has never experienced before .  As we approach the escalating vibrations and opportunities to expand during this most precious time on Earth, I want to continue my focus on releasing any remaining fears and doubt and instead boldly continue moving forward into higher and higher levels of love and light.

I’m involved in several new endeavors at the moment – expanding my job responsibilities at my day job, delving into affiliate marketing and expanding this blog, all on top of my own personal growth and expansion endeavors.  As I engage in each of these activities, I am reminded about how often I allow doubt and fear in to sabotage my dreams and what I can do about it.

Are Doubt and Fear Operating in your Life?

I recently ran across this divine wisdom:

We are all 100 percent divine.  Most are simply not aware of this, some live in doubt of it, and a very few know it.  The modicum of doubt that exist in so many is like a glass ceiling:  You can see beyond it, you know that you want what is above it, and yet you cannot seem to break the glass.  Breaking the glass – dissolving the last of your doubt – is worth whatever it takes to get you there.[1]

How do you feel about that statement?

I believe that we can be 99.99 the way there on any particular goal we might have and the .01 of doubt that we allow into our experience can end up stopping us dead in our tracks and even cause us to back up.

Here are some questions we can ask ourselves to determine if doubt or fear is affecting our life[1]:

  • Am I living in mastery?
  • Am I loving the experience of creating and co-creating my reality?
  • Do I love myself?
  • Am I happy with my life and with those in my life that I’ve magnetized to me?
  • Am I growing joyfully and experiencing  boldly?
  • Have I stopped judging myself for my looks, my heath, my intelligence, my wealth, my possessions?

These are all questions that we can ask ourselves and the more yeses we have, the more free of doubt we are.

I recall several years ago during a channeling when Spirit shared with me that I’ve had several lifetimes of achieving near mastery only to at the last moment back away from it. At the time, I reflected on that message and was indeed able to recall several instances in my life when I’d had opportunities to take a giant leap forward, and, instead, engaged in the game of doubt and ended up backing away.  Have you ever experienced that?

I’m here to say that I’m tired of that game.  I was so very, very good at it, but it’s time for a new way.  If you’re interested in vanishing fears and doubts too, well, you and I both could not have picked a better time to courageously move forward.  One technique I’ve been using to release doubts and fears so that I can step more gracefully forward into my natural, divine self is the Source Breath.

How to Do the Source Breath.

The Source Breath is incredibly simple to do, but has profound effects if practiced consistently with focused intent[1].

In-breath: Relax your body in a comfortable position and take deep breaths in a natural manner that is comfortable for you.  Be conscious of your breath, at least in the beginning, as you learn the true potential of this deceptively simple breathing style.  Envision the divine light of Source and the universe surrounding you completely and imagine breathing it in from everywhere.  Don’t narrow your focus to your crown chakra only – let every cell of your body be a portal through which the universe and Source enter your being.  Breath the Universe into the heart of the divine within you without condition, judgment or exclusion.  This is doubt-free 100 percent, effortless co-creation with the divine.

Hold: Hold for just a moment – be comfortable – and bless the universe with divine light and love.

Out-breath: With each exhalation, imagine the love of Source and the universe moving outward to All That Is from every cell of your body and from the heart of the divine.

Hold: Hold and Celebrate!


Perfect Giving and Receiving

The Source Breath has been likened to perfect giving and receiving.    I encourage you to be open to accept everything from the Universe and to hold nothing back during this exercise.  Give AND accept freely, gently, lovingly to and from the world and all that surrounds you, knowing that as you breathe out, you are giving to our world, sharing with our world, the beauty, love and acceptance of Divine Creation.  Know that you too are Divine Creation and as you breath out, release onto the world from your Sacred Heart the divine love and light that is you.  I’ve found that at around 3 breaths and after, I begin feeling the effects of this simple, enlightening  exercise.

I’ve noticed that as I engage more and more with utilizing the Source Breath, wonderful things begin to happen…

  • My days get easier.
  • I find myself more joyful.
  • I am more confident, relaxed and accepting of myself.
  • I come up with creative ideas.
  • Synchronicities appear more often.
  • My life takes on a certain ease and grace that’s magical.

The Source Breath helps us set our intention for where we want to go on this journey of life.  It’s an excellent way to clear our energy, raise our vibration and connect in with our Sacred Heart.   When we can get connected to the glorious Source of All That Is that resides within each of us, doubt and fear falls away and in its place, joy surfaces.  Using the Source Breath can help us awaken the spirit and connect with that greater, eternal, all-knowing  part of ourselves that reminds us that all is well, we can never truly be hurt or fail at anything, and we have nothing to prove – we have only to live.

With the Source Breath, we can more easily connect with that all-knowing part of us that reminds us that we are Divine Creators, we are here to enjoy the experience of living and continually asks us what we would CHOOSE to create in the next moment of now.  The Source Breath allows us to welcome the world into our heart and the more we use it, the more easily we are able to open our heart without fear, in full vulnerability and without restraint.  When we can do that, living becomes magical… easy… graceful – a playful adventure.

How do you most want to play right now?  Want to move forward seemingly effortlessly and without doubt and fears in these extraordinary times?  Perhaps you’ll give the Source Breath a try and see where it takes you.

Love, peace and blessings,




[1]  For more information on the Source Breath, see “Freshman Year in the University of Earth”, Sarrinn with the Ancients through Daniele DeVoe in the Sedona Journal of Emergence.


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  1. Jia Jun says

    It’s indeed how we view and treat everything in our life, the attitude and mindset of facing things. When we’re positive, we will attract more awesome things into our life, law of attraction.
    Thanks for the post and sharing about source breath Latonya. 😀

  2. Al says

    Hi LaTonya,

    I came to your new web site — and your post on the Source Breath — at a time when I am feeling that more personal transition is called for … and I am reflecting in my blog by refining some of my posts to focus more directly on what I write about/that I have come across which can help people unburden and awaken Spirit … balance their energy … create harmony in mind and body …

    And in addition to the Healing Sounds works of Jonathan Goldman, and what he says about the importance of deep diaphragmatic breathing to raising ones frequency/slowing the oscillations of the brain and heartbeat/releasing endorphins/etc., I have come across The Musical Body Harmonizer by David Ison who (in a nutshell) speaks of: Listening … Breathing … Relaxing … and Receiving … from the Universe on the path to finding one’s own essential self.

    Also: Many thanks to you for the link to Orion … All I can do after reading (most of) the Free Galactic Press channeling of Archangel Michael on 2012 is step out of the way and consider what he has to say and share with others … Btw, I just heard of — via Michael Davis a practitioner of BodyTalk and Vibrational Realignment — the teachings of Kryon {},Kryon being an angelic being, that seem to parallel the spirit of those of Orion … so wanted to share that with you as well …

    Again, your heart-centered site is an encouragement and a blessing, and I put a link to it on my blog!

    In resonance and harmony,


    • LaTonya says

      Hi Al!

      First, thank you for gracing us here with your presence! I myself find the power of sound for healing and expansion to be extraordinary! I really enjoy using crystal bowls. I thank you for the references to Jonathan Goldman’s Healing Sounds and David Ison’s The Musical Body Program. I’ve been looking for a musical offering for this site and felt quite a resonance with David’s The Musical Body Program. In addition to the many positive physical and physiological effects of breathing, I have found that divine love, my own divine essence and the wisdom of the ages is more easily accessible to me as I deep breathe…the guidance of Spirit travels upon the wind… I’m looking forward to combining my breath work with these sound healing therapies you mentioned!

      Yes, I too have experienced Kryon as a beautiful, collective energy. In fact, along with the Paleidians, Kryon was the first energy in Spirit sharing messages of love and light that I ran across as I began my process of accelerated opening up around 2000. My understanding is that beginning in late 2010, Spirit decided to start bringing forth more parallel messages on similar topics so that core messages could be delivered across the globe faster and father than each energy sharing on different topics. So I too have noticed a lot more unity of message across the channeled messages of late.

      Again, Al, thank you for sharing your wisdom here. I really enjoy your blog as well, Perhaps you’ll return later and share more with us about the theta healing and bodytalk therapies!

      Love, peace and blessings, LaTonya

      • Al says

        Hi LaTonya,

        Thank you for what you do and for being there with your web site/blog! Your reply/sharing is very valuable to me. You said, speaking of the incredible power of sound for healing and expansion, that “in addition to the many positive physical and physiological effects of breathing, you have found that divine love, your own divine essence and the wisdom of the ages is more easily accessible to you as you deep breathe…the guidance of Spirit travels upon the wind…” Wow! It took me more than one look at that, for me to take it to heart …

        Here’s how that helps me [perhaps it may help others, too]:

        There are times when I slip back into “the old ways” of having unwanted attitudes or emotions not appropriate to the present moment … I believe the deep breathing of your Vanish Doubt Quickly exercise will help to vanish, as well, such attitudes or emotions: I have found that, for example, that anger cannot co-exist with compassion, and I believe the deep breathing exercise helps usher in compassion along with the guidance of Spirit … So thank you again for what you do and for being there.

        Glad you’ve experienced Kryon … I get it about the parallel messages coming through in this time of heightening vibrations … Btw, I have experienced a couple of theta healing sessions, and a few of BodyTalk … particularly under the guidance of Debbie Moran So far I have only taught myself the BodyTalk Cortices Technique which is said to stimulate the [both sides of] the brain to communicate better — within itself and throughout the body … You can find that at

        I can also share with you the name of Neville Goddard which Debbie passed on to me after one of our sessions … I have only just scratched the surface of his (I believe, channeled) spiritual guidance, but I feel enough to recommend it. There are quite a number of free lessons as MP3 or PDF downloads to be found at Also — a while ago I had a session with Gretchen Vogel, who wrote a book, based upon her readings with the deceased, called “Choices in the Afterlife — What we can do and where we can go after death,” who passed on to me the name of Eva Perriakos. Eva is like you; she has the gift of accessing an inner voice, and the lectures given to her by “The Guide” are the heart of what she called the “Pathwork,” an incredible channeled roadmap to self-responsibility and self-knowledge, pointing the way to genuine love of self, others, and the Divine. There are 258 such PDF lectures which anyone can download for free at

        Blessings of light and love,


        • Love says

          Hi Al!

          Thank you for sharing such wisdom with us!. Yes, isn’t it amazing that deep breathing can assist us in so many ways! I find that my path is one of lifelong change and that I too can sometimes slip back into the “old ways of having unwanted attitudes or emotions not appropriate for the present moment.” In fact I was working with that very issue today during my morning walk! I find that my intent sets the tone for the type of help that comes in through the breathwork.

          BTW, May I include your comment as a guest post? I would love for those who participate here to have access to the links to the work of Debbie Moran, Neville Goddard and Eva Perriakos.

          Have an awesome day, Al!

          • Al says

            Hi LaTonya,

            Your comment reminds me to get back to — if not a “morning walk,” morning Falun Gong exercises or vocal toning the chakras!

            Sure, include my comment so that those who participate in your blog to have access to the links to the work of Debbie Moran, Neville Goddard and Eva Perriakos. I’m glad to be able to participate!

            In synchronicity,


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