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Join us for the 11/11 Divine Energy Download Telecall

by LaTonya November 11, 2012

Accelerate your expansion by connecting with the 11/11 energies and your own I AM Presence for greater love, peace, joy and abundance! Join together with those all across the world today (11/11/12) to merge with your own I Am Presence and the Beloved I Am Presence of all of Humanity to receive energetic  downloads of […]

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Join us for the Day of Decision Spiritual Blueprint Activation Telecall

by LaTonya October 21, 2012

Participate in the Day of Decision by Activating your Own 5th Dimensional Spiritual Blueprint! As you may be aware, humanity is gathering across the world today (10/21/12), in large groups and small, as individuals and couples, to take action, and make a decision for freedom and the liberation of our planet from tyranny.  Humanity is […]

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Universal Light – A Magic Elixir for your Ultimate Energetic Expansion

by LaTonya December 12, 2011

* Expand Consciousness – Connect with Cosmic Energies – Rejuvenate your energy and being!  * Attend the “Universal Light Explosion” event for an opportunity to Fill your Heart with Love & Connect with the Warm, Healing, Expansive, Energizing “Universal Light” energy in a group energy blast setting. Universal Light energy can assist you in healing […]

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