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Spiders Use the Earth’s E-Field to Fly – Can We?

by LaTonya July 15, 2018

In a recent article entitled “Science Finds Dogs Have a Sixth Sense That Helps Them Poop”, we discussed how dogs spin before excreting because they are instinctively connecting with the Earth’s Magnetic Field (“MF”) and prefer going poo with their bodies aligned on the North-South axis of the MF.  [1] It turns out that Mammals […]

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Join 1 of 3 Earth Day Celebrations

by LaTonya April 21, 2017

Received via email from Unify: Earth Day is this Saturday and we have three amazing global events to share with you — including one that begins today at noon! Don’t miss the ceremony today! And join-in all these powerful events to help our planet, our people and life. In love and gratitude, The UNIFY team

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Studies Show Global Meditation Works

by LaTonya February 26, 2017

Here are a couple scientific studies that have confirmed the positive effects of mass meditations on human society.  

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GoldenAgeofGaia: Intuitive Artist Kathleen Beening’s Cities of Light

by LaTonya January 25, 2017

November 20, 2016 by Steve Beckow, I asked artist Kathleen Beening at Linda Dillon’s The Bridge to Now, Sedona, if I could post her “Cities of Light” painting and she kindly allowed me. She writes: My intention for this painting was to offer a sense of ‘Hope and Joy’ as our lives unfold in […]

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Is this Visible Proof of the Ascension Energies Flooding our Planet?

by LaTonya December 20, 2016

Is the video below showing evidence of a galactic wave hitting the planet on December 19, 2016? [1] It has been shared that high vibration energy is flooding Gaia at this time to help with both global ascension and personal ascension.  Is the microwave imagery in this video showing us tangible, visual proof of these […]

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This is How to Get Rid of Flies in Your House

by LaTonya September 29, 2016

This summer, for the first time, I had an outbreak of gnats in my home.  You know those “no see ums” that are so small that you can barely see them, but you can feel them when they land on your arms and legs?  They bite! I am not sure where they came from.  But […]

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Introducing … Pure Energy Mini Diagnostic

by LaTonya September 16, 2016

Book a Pure Energy Mini Diagnostic Report today and get important key information regarding your own unique energy system. It’s like a diagnostic for your car, but for your energy system instead. Release confusion, doubt and pain and gain more peace, clarity and joy. Get the information you need to change and empower your life. […]

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Elderly Elephant Waits for Friend

by LaTonya June 29, 2016

Here’s yet another example of compassion, deep friendship and love. As GoldenLady, a friend of mine recently shared: How remarkably well God made all of his creations & what lessons we can learn from each of them!  Let us endeavor to learn them very well. Enjoy!

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Science finds Dogs Have a Sixth Sense That Helps Them Poop

by LaTonya May 29, 2016

Ever wonder why your dog might spin circles before going to the bathroom?  This may explain why! Mammals such as birds, insects, fish, and reptiles have special molecules in their bodies that help them sense magnetic fields, allowing them to perceive direction, altitude, and location. A recent study found similar molecules present in the eyes […]

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Take Action to Stop Electromagnetic War Games around National Parks

by LaTonya November 22, 2014

More and more of us are stepping forward to let our voices be heard about to protect the plants, animals, trees and other wildlife on Earth.   We are stepping into our stewardship roles now more than ever before. Here’s a petition for your review and action related to electromagnetic testing around our natural parks that […]

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Humpback whale surprises dog on beach

by LaTonya July 28, 2014

Foraging mammals pursue anchovies within 50 yards of shore in Monterey Bay, allowing for unique photo opportunities; “We’ve been so spoiled lately’ July 28, 2014 by Pete Thomas Humpback whale surprises dog 50 yards from shore in Monterey Bay; first three images are via ©Kate Cummings/Blue Ocean Whale Watch Still photographs are often more […]

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No Fracking Way

by LaTonya July 26, 2014

Below is an informative, comprehensive, thought provoking look at the issue of fracking, brought to us by Foster Gamble & Erin Breech who ” invite you to consider this issue [fracking] deeply, and when they come to drill in your area, stand up, speak up, link up and say “No fracking way!”. The Golden Age […]

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