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Calm the Mind

How to Access Past Life Memories

by LaTonya August 1, 2016

Here’s a how to for those interested in accessing memories of their past lives. Energies from our past lives can get locked into the cellular memory of our physical body in this life.  This cellular memory, along with the subconscious, will continue attracting experiences into our lives that match that energy, until it is cleared. […]

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Shine Brightly: High Vibrations.

by LaTonya March 3, 2015

Excellent post from The Light Sanctuary on how to calm the mind, awaken the joyful spirit and have a great day, everyday! ———- Shine Brightly: High Vibrations. Posted on March 3, 2015 This morning I had a mini panic when I noticed that some money I was expecting to receive had not reached my account. […]

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Be Happy – A Review of the Movie Happy

by LaTonya December 28, 2014

Must-See: A Review of the Movie Happy By Monique Minahan “The Constitution only gives people the right to pursue happiness. You have to catch it yourself.” — Benjamin Franklin This is the intro line from the movie Happy. Happiness and how to achieve it are becoming increasingly popular, interesting, and relevant topics. And for good reason. Statistical, scientific […]

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Go within to your inner sanctuary and experience the Love that awaits you there.

by LaTonya September 14, 2014

Here’s an inspirational sharing from Spirit for those who have been struggling to find the time to focus on Self. Are you feeling bogged down by the trials and tribulations of daily life? Are you so busy that you’re having trouble connecting in with your joy? Or are you feeling just plain bored by the […]

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Making the Most of Today and your Bank Account

by LaTonya June 22, 2014

(Author Unknown). I love this! Healthy Banking!    

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Let’s Get Happy!

by LaTonya June 6, 2014

Happy dogs and cats in Australia.  Let’s join them! One of the easiest ways to calm the mind and emotions is to visualize. If you like, you can take a virtual trip right now and go play on the beach with these cats and dogs.  Can you smell the salt air?  How does the water […]

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Integrating Your Multidimensional Operating System Into Your Third Dimensional Brain

by LaTonya September 30, 2012

This series of posts from Suzanne Lie featuring Mytre and the Acrturians tops any new season premiere on TV any day of the week! If you enjoy the assistance from the Acturians below, check out the earlier and soon to come editions of this saga on Suzanne Lie’s blog! Mytre and Arcturians–Multidimensional Operating System – […]

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How to Make it Through a Hard, Hard Life with Ease and Grace

by LaTonya September 29, 2012

Think you’ve had a “hard life”?  Below are reflections from St. Francis on the true meaning of detachment and how to use it to flow through life – even what some might normally call a hard, destitute, traumatic or poverty-stricken hard life – with ease and grace …  Such profound wisdom… Thank you Francis! Note:  […]

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Saul: You Are Gearing Up for the Enormous Changes That Lie Just Ahead

by LaTonya September 19, 2012

Have you been feeling a lack of creativity or passion lately?  Read Saul’s message below for more info on how that’s all about to change.  Also, those familiar with A Course in Miracles may resonate with Saul’s sharings on just how we arrived at a state of perceived separation from Source and each other.  As […]

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Are Beliefs about Money or Relationships Holding you Back?

by LaTonya August 28, 2012

Are your beliefs about male/female roles or money affecting your life?  This message from the Arcturians (below) provides guidance for releasing two limiting beliefs that are still strongly entrenched in our consciousness, namely:  1) beliefs about romantic relationships and 2) beliefs about money. The Arcturians share that we are all beginning to understand that, no […]

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Uninstalling Ego Programs

by LaTonya August 18, 2012

We are in charge of our own healing and can get creative in how we do it!  Read on for an interesting approach to calming the mind or for personal healing in general … The sharing below from D. Tamick (posted on website) reminded me of something … When I’m channeling or communicating with […]

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Easing Conflict: The Rule of Four

by LaTonya August 5, 2012

Looking for a way to lessen the amount of conflict or drama in your life?  Here are four perspectives we can take into account when speaking that can help lower the amount of conflict or disagreement we experience in our relationships. As we move forward in raising our vibrations and light quotient, we’ll naturally re-define […]

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