Tips for Shining Bright with Love this Holiday Season

December 16, 2011 | LaTonya

Unconditional Love is a powerful energy which encompasses many Divine qualities giving us hope, faith and support towards a brighter day.  When Love and joy are combined, the power is unstoppable, helping us to raise our light quotient and move into ascension, heal the body or  quickly  change any situation into its highest outcome.

One thing to remember is that Love must always be EXPRESSED before the magical elixir that it is can begin to work.  Let your Love shine bright… don’t keep it hidden in the closet – bring it out and share it!

As the higher energies continue flooding the planet, more and more will awaken and feel the need to express the love flowing within.  This love is always there even with those we would see as possessing the hardest of hearts, the “scruges” as it were.  All is energy and so once this love is expressed, it floats out in the air like effervescent energy bubbles that are contagious, spreading from one to another.  Thus, even just  sharing our Love with immediate family members is profoundly helpful because it makes it that much easier for those around us, our neighbors down the street, coworkers, friends, to reach within and express their Love as well.

Tips for Shining Bright with Love

1.  Set your Intention

Set your intent within your Sacred Heart to express more Love to self and those around you.  Make expressing love your top priority.  By setting this intent, you set the stage for the Divine within you and Spirit surrounding you at all times to jump into action to support and assist you in maintaining the motivation and consistent focus to ensure its fruition.

2.  Take Consistent Action

Love must be expressed from us and through us before it’s magical transormative properties can take effect.  Take time each day to center the feeling of love within your heart and watch as it becomes easier to express that love outwards each and every day.

If you have trouble feeling the feeling of love within, concentrate on something you do love.  Where do you feel that in your body?  Then take that energy as you’re feeling it and expand it outwards.  While you’re feeling this love within for something easily loved, allow your mind to gently float onto another topic, perhaps a friend or situation it’s not as easy for you to love in this moment.  Rest in this space and allow the love you easily feel within for the one person, event or situation pass on it’s energetic stamp to another.  This will assist in making it easier to look upon that other person, event or situation with love in your heart in the future.

3.  Tell the “Little Self” to Step Aside

Do not let ego get in the way of expressing the love you feel.  Many times it is the “human ego that feels it must be acknowledged and so, many precious moments of the sharing of Love slip away, moments that could have created greater connection and feelings of harmony within all interpersonal connections.”

4.  Be patient with yourself.  

Are you one for whom reaching out to others and letting them know the love you feel seems too difficult?  Know that this is okay. “This stems from the conditionings of family dynamics and the constraints that society has placed on people of what is considered the correct way to comport Oneself.  Most started out in life expressing [their]loving emotions to all around them but so many times were admonished for their exuberant behavior as being unacceptable.  This led many of us to shut down, learn to conform and  damp down our high spirits.  So don’t be too hard on yourself.  Just observe your challenges with the process, know it’s only temporary and give yourself permission to be of high spirit.”  Simply set your intent to open your heart and expand your capacity to feel and share the love within you.

Or perhaps you’re the 1 individual in your family that has no trouble at all expressing the beautiful, boundless love and joy within your heart?  Expressing Love and Joy  keeps us in the flow of Creator’s Love. Do not allow the past conditioning of others to damp your light.  Allow the great love within you to continue to flourish and grow.  Our world needs it!

If more people concentrated on the expressions of their feelings of love, appreciation and gratitude at the moment they felt these emotions, many difficulties between individuals would disappear, never to resurface. Greater joy, peace, harmony and accord would be the normal way of Being as a manifestation of their highest aspects of themselves…It is time to reconnect with that part of you if you have not done so yet and feel into it all the magic and wonder and awe of the magnificence of life being lived in a physical body in its daily expression.

Let’s all shine forth with great love, my friends.

Love, peace and blessings,


P.S. If you would like support or assistance with connecting with energy and really feeling the Love that’s within you, this may help:  Universal Light Explosion Online Event.



SOURCE:  Melchizedek through Marlene Swetlishoff, December 13, 2011,

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