Tips for Expanding your Natural Gifts and Abilities through Divine Essence

September 11, 2011 | LaTonya

A recent post on called Heroes to the Max, we linked to an interesting video that summarized some of the natural gifts and abilities we’ll be reclaiming and/or enhancing through the ascension process, such as expanded intuition, inter-dimensional travel, levitation, telepathy and abilities to control water, ice, fire and electricity, etc.

To go from here to there, we’re in the process of clearing our lower vibrational energies from our energy bodies to bring forth greater expression of the gifts and natural abilities discussed in the video.

So my question today is…just what is this process we’re taking to move ourselves from here where we are now… to there and how can we make that process as easy, graceful and joyful on our minds, hearts and physical bodies as possible?

What’s Causing these Ascension Symptoms?

Some are experiencing aches and pains in the mental, physical and emotional bodies as we complete this clearing to bring forth more and more of the natural gifts and abilities that are our birthright.  So let’s allow ourselves to be open to discuss these “ascension symptoms”.

There are many types of ascension symptoms and what is being experienced by each of us varies individually based on our own physical and emotional situation, the events of our life, the weather, the time of year and other astrological events.

Our bodies are changing now more rapidly than it ever has since we quit growing as a child.  The energies flowing onto the planet at this time are helping us the processes of:

1.  Releasing the old physical body templates to reclaim our youthful, zestful, invigorated body

2.  Releasing old thought processes, beliefs and old energy stuck in the physical body that weights us down

3.  Adjusting the brain for expanded consciousness

4.  Expanding our natural gifts and abilities for greater expression in life

The above is just a partial list of what’s going on!  So there’s a lot happening within us all all at the same time as we raise our vibration!  That’s why it might feel difficult at times.

Sometimes we may feel exhausted, have aches and pains, or feel impatient, anxious or like a yo-yo in our emotional states.  As we go through this process of ascension, we’re releasing a lot of energy to receive higher vibration energy back.   Take heart that while that this process may be difficult at times, it will be worth the effort so that you can receive achieve enhanced gifts and abilities and experience more joyful and empowered living in the near future!

What can I do to Ease these Ascension Symptoms?

As discussed, these processes of change can sometimes leave us feeling tired and depleted.  So the name of the game is to be sure to replenish our vital life force energy with divine life force energy.

So here are a few tips on how we can do this from a mental, physical, spiritual or emotional stance and thus ease our ascension symptoms and bring more of our gifts and abilities out:

    • Accept – Allow the process to take place.  Know that it’s expected and then focus your attention on how you’re changing and the fluidity of the process for the betterment of self.


    • Breathe – When you breathe in air, you’re also breathing in more consciousness and refreshing the energy within.  Breathing also helps you bring in more oxygen to your body which will enhance your immune system and ability to clear energies from the body and expand your ability to take in more and more divine energy.


    • Focus on the basics – drink plenty of fresh, clean water and eat fresh fruits and vegetables high in life force energy.


    • Nurture and love yourself – get plenty of rest, relaxation, joy and sleep.


    • Focus on the heart center and exist within the realm of love from within.  Then expand that love out into your environment.


    • Confirm each day your willingness to be transducer of powerful, loving Divine Energies


    • Set your intentions to expand your love, your gifts and your abilities.


    • Allow your radiance to burst forth from your heart so the world can feel it.  Radiate your light and love to all around you.


    • Call upon your Divine Self to assist with raising your vibration that will automatically release in time the denser, stuck energies no longer serving your highest and best good.


    • Let your heart be open to Creators song of love and unity – stay motivated by connecting often with whatever inspires you most.


    • Avoid the Downers – Step aside from participating in that which makes you feel drained, angry, hostile, fearful or physically ill.  (Call in Divine Energy again at that time.)


    • Hold fast to the desire for greater peace, goodness and sanity to prevail within and upon Humanity and Mother Earth.


    • Take time to focus on and remember that you are not your mind, your ego or your body – you are the Divine, the god/goddess using your power wisely for the highest and best good of all.


  • When necessary, be open to change and make the necessary course corrections to actions, habits and thoughts so that you may remain in alignment with your highest vibrating plan for expansion for your life at all times.

In actuality, you can accomplish all of the above by connecting with your own heartspace and allowing your Sacred Heart to comfort you, share with you and guide your daily actions.

These ascension symptoms and the ascension process will soon become an experience of the past in the blink of an eye.  Soon you will grow into your new lightbody and the discomfort you feel now will vanish and you will be more conscious of the divine being of light that you are.  So, if you’re feeling the ascension symptoms heavily at this time, be at peace with the process and give it time to unfold for your and everyone’s betterment.

Know that you are a divine changemaker, doer and enabler and creating positive changes through your dedication to being the Light.  Your dedication and loving focus on this ascension process allows the family of light, our star family, to make more inroads to the accomplishment of plans in the highest and best good of all on Earth.  Know that all that you have done will benefit not only you and our world, but other unknown worlds which will use our experiences here and now to more effectively flow through the process of change and vibrational upliftment on their own planets.

You are a Hero to the Max!

Love, peace and blessings,


P.S.  If you would like any support during this process, feel free to register anytime for a Energy Blast session, healing session or coaching session to welcome in even more of your divine power and natural gifts and abilities.  We’re here to support you on your path!

P.S.  How about you?  What steps are your favorite from the above or what steps do you take most often to ease your way through the ascension process?


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    • LaTonya says

      Our pleasure, Tina! So glad you stopped by and graced the pages of with your delightful, Divine energy! Thank you for being here! Love, peace and blessings, LaTonya

  1. April Wright says

    I have been waiting for this time all my life. Like many others, at times, I thought my visions were just strange visions or little shots of time I couldn’t quite remember. Now it is all coming clearly. There are so many of us waiting and anticipating the arrival of Elenen and our new way of life. Thank you for offering the kindness and helpful information for us all.
    I am an exorcist, if you know anyone I can help please have them visit my web site so that I may also help them through this change.

    • LaTonya says

      Yes indeed, April, this is a wonderful time to be alive and experiencing on Planet Earth! After so many lifetimes, this is the lifetime of lifetimes! I too see our new way of living, being and expressing manifesting in our world right now. Thank you for sharing with us all how you may assist. As we move into higher and higher levels of love and light, our intuitive senses and vision will indeed be opening and expanding even more and so many will begin seeing more of the interdimensional interactions that have been taking place all along. We are loved, supported, guided and protected at all times. In many cases, we’ll be running across pieces and parts of ourselves that have been waiting to lovingly support us through this time of momentous change. Thank you, April, for all you do to assist us all along the path. Shine on, April!

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