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June 29, 2016 | LaTonya

Time Travel has existed for a very long time, mostly in the hands of a few.

As the vibrational energies here on Gaia and our levels of consciousness are increasing, and as more and more connect with their own multi dimensionality and time travel abilities,  I suspect that soon time travel will become more commonplace.

Here’s a video claiming to share 10 Real Incidents that Prove Time Travel Exists.


Did You Know That You Can Alter Your Experience of Time?

All That Is has regulated how advanced we are able to go with time travel based on our overall level of consciousness on the planet.  Thus, even those with actual time travel technology in their possession have been limited in just how much they could accomplish with the technology until such time as we can use it responsibly and benevolently.

In the meantime, please allow me to share a method we can use right now to affect time.

The technique shared below is based on my own personal experience of working with the technique on numerous occasions.  It does not involve technology (other than the greatest “technology” there is – your own divine beingness).  Also this is not a method you can use to bi-locate or relocate your physical body.

Instead it is a method we can all use to affect our EXPERIENCE of time.  I know you feel me when I share that there have been times in my life when I’ve wondered why working 8 hours has gone so slowly while those same 8 hours when I took a day off flew by so fast!  My experience of time was different on those different ocassions.

By the way, as  I have the energies of a 9th Dimensional Time Lord in my energetic makeup.  I have found that I am extremely accurate in sensing time and even numbers (like guessing the total number of pages in a book or estimating what the exact time is on the clock when I haven’t had access to a clock or guessing how much time has passed while I’ve been doing a particular task down to the exact number of minutes.)

While I was unaware of these parts of my energetic makeup when I first ran across this technique in a used book store in Mesa, AZ in the early 2000’s, I found the topic interesting and began a course of experiments to test whether or not the method really worked.  I got out my watch and began working with the technique.  I was utterly surprised that it did work and remember excitedly running home to share the experience with my loved ones that day.  I have worked with this technique many times since then.

Sometimes I am able to take an hour down to feeling like 20 minutes.  Other times, I can take 45 minutes down to feeling like 20 minutes. Sometimes, 15 minutes are stretched to 30 if I need more time to complete a task.  It works.

I am convinced you don’t have to be a 9th Dimensional Time Lord to alter your experience of time.  So perhaps this method will work for you too.  If it resonates with you, I encourage you to try it and see.

How To Slow Down or Speed Up Your Experience of Time

For example are you late for a meeting?  Have lots of extra time on your hands?):

Imagine the current time as a big, blue ball of energy spinning in front of you.  Let’s say that ball represents the exact time you need to arrive at the location for your meeting.  How close or far away the ball is to you when you first start will depend on the amount of time you are working with.

If you need to experience more time to be able to travel to or arrive at your meeting, envision the big, blue ball floating further away from you.  That will give you the experience of more time.  Do it the opposite way if you want to contract time.  If you have a long time to wait, for example, imagine that same blue, ball of light floating closer to you.  That will shorten your experience of time and time will seem to fly by faster for you than normal.

Feel free to share below regarding your own experiences with altering time or time travel.



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