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Knocking Down Walls and Living the Creator Life

by LaTonya August 18, 2009

  There once was a woman who was born to love, to help and to play.  And boy did she want to play! She wanted to run.  She wanted to skip.  She wanted to laugh.  She wanted to jump up and down and yell from the rooftops about joy –  the joy of life, the joy of living, the […]

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What Have Squirrels Got to Do With It?

by LaTonya May 16, 2009

Today is the day I learned more about why I should never be “too busy”… I was heading out the door this morning to go to my parent’s home to help them with their computer, when my friend, who was looking at the computer at the time, said “hey, you’ve got to check this out!”  I went over to […]

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