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Have you Ever Seen a UFO Power Up – An Epic CE-5 Initiation

by LaTonya September 4, 2018

Have you ever seen a UFO “power up”? In prior contacts with Star Family in the sky, I have seen their ships emit a large, blue blast of light around the entire circumference of the ship for a short period of time.  If I understand correctly, the CSETI CE-5 Initiative refers to this as a […]

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Ex Canadian Defense Minister Says Aliens Exist Among Us

by LaTonya January 8, 2014

Interesting, informative interview with former Canadian Defense Minister, Paul Hellyer, who shares that aliens exist and are present among us.  Thanks to Paul Hellyer for sharing this information and thanks to RT for airing it.

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Watch the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure

by LaTonya April 30, 2013

Citizen Hearing On Disclosure April 29 To May 3, 2013 – Washington, DC “If the Congress won’t do its job, the people will.” An event with historical implications will be held at the National Press Club in Washington, DC from April 29 to May 3, 2013. At that time as many as forty researchers and […]

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How to Respond to Family and Friends Asking about UFOs

by LaTonya November 18, 2012

As we continue on with ascension and even after, many more of our family and friends may be turning to us for information and greater understanding about not only ascension, but topics such as “who am I”, “why am I seeing the things I’m seeing”, “what’s really happening” or “what’s that thing I saw in […]

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UFO Sightings – October 2012

by LaTonya October 28, 2012

The last video herein is from UFOAM, a new online public UFO news forum.  I appreciated Jon Kelly’s calm, informative discussions.  There are a couple ufo videos covered in the show, so be sure to check those out.  I’m glad this new online show is now available, as I see it providing a platform for […]

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Star Family/UFO Sightings – September 2012

by LaTonya September 27, 2012

Below are highlights of Star Family starship and lightship appearances during September 2012.  Remember, these are not UFOs (“Unidentified Flying Objects) any more.   I guess IFO (“Identified Flying Objects”) would be a more accurate terminology – as we now know that the craft seen in the skies these days (that are not our military’s technology, […]

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Best of UFO Sightings of August 2012

by LaTonya September 3, 2012

Here’s the Best of UFO Sightings for August 2012 from the youtube channel. As the video compiler also includes a helpful discussion about how to exercise your own discernment in determining the credibility of ufo videos, I’ve included the info portion of the video as well.  There are also links included to the […]

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June 2012 Videos of Star Family Contacts to Share with Friends and Family

by LaTonya July 7, 2012

Below is an excellent video summary of Star Family’s contacts with us during June 2012. June 2012 Video Summary of Star Family Contacts with Us This second video summarizes some of the astronaut and pilot contacts with UFOs over the years.

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March 13 – Chilean government officials disclose UFO contact over Santiago Air Base

by LaTonya March 23, 2012

Chilean government officials disclose UFO contact for the first time at a press conference on March 13. This story was covered in an informative article by the Huffington Post.…  We have been encouraged by the Galactic Federation of Light to keep a lookout for those media organizations that have agreed to assist in the […]

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IFO Compilation Jan 2012

by LaTonya February 28, 2012

Here’s an interesting compilation of UFO sightings for January 2012. Notice how the UFOs (which I now call IFO – “Identified Flying Objects”) are moving along the chemtrails. Our Star Family is here to assist us and one of the areas they are assisting us with is neutralizing the harmful and devastating effects of the […]

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Mysterious Metal Boxes Emitting Strange Sounds Sighted on Coastal Beaches

by LaTonya February 12, 2012

News update … UFO Sightings Reveal More Strange Metal Boxes Along Coastal Beaches By Dave Masko Originally posted February 8, 2012 BRAY’S POINT, Oregon. They can’t be moved; even when yanked by a four-wheel drive truck pulling on heavy chains tied around these humming metal boxes that are still appearing as of Feb. 8 […]

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