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GoldenAgeofGaia: Commander Ashira on the Energies Coming to Earth NOW

by LaTonya January 7, 2017

Below is incredible information from Spirit regarding the video that was discussed here: Is this Visible Proof of the Ascension Energies Flooding our Planet? I listened to the show below and did indeed find it chock full of interesting information! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Heavenly Blessings: Commander Ashira on the Energies Coming to earth NOW January 3, 2017 […]

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Is the New Triangle-Shaped Hole in the Sun a Stargate?

by LaTonya March 19, 2012
Sun caronal hole

Physicist Nassim Haramein claims that the sun as well as any star are natural stargates used by advanced extraterrestrial civilizations for the transport of earth sized to different points of the galaxy. In this video uploaded to youtube by undercoveralien, he/she poses the question as to whether the coronal hole witnessed in the sun between […]

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Noah from Rwanda performing on American Idol – A Must See!

by LaTonya May 14, 2009
Noah performing on American Idol - May 14, 2009

I love watching American Idol.  Some say they don’t care for the “reality” shows, but I love them. Watching what another actually does when faced with a real life situation is so much more interesting and entertaining to me than watching the fiction of regular tv shows, which, don’t get me wrong, I like as […]

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