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Sacred Heart

Manifesting from the Seat of Love by Venus Beings – Natalie Glasson

by LaTonya August 27, 2016

The message below shares that a major shift concerning the Christ Consciousness has taken place and shares how we can work with the high vibration energies flooding the planet to not only manifest more easily but also strengthen our trust of our soul and enhance our bonds with Self and Creator. I encourage all to […]

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4 Easy Ways to Release Needless Thinking

by LaTonya January 16, 2012

Part One:   The Question Part Two:   3 Important Things to Remember Part Three: 4 Easy Ways to Release Needless Thinking Part Four:   You Can Do It! Are you one who can’t stop thinking?  Are you tired of thinking negative thoughts that just drag you down?  Have you had enough of constantly reliving the past and […]

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How to Expand your Divine Spark into Full Expression

by LaTonya November 4, 2011

This is a beautiful time and we are shifting into a new way of being and living right now!  As you continue to connect with the Divine Spark within, it will grow, expand and radiantly light up your world and experience.  Read on for how we can handle some of the ups and downs experienced […]

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Tips for Expanding your Natural Gifts and Abilities through Divine Essence

by LaTonya September 11, 2011

A recent post on called Heroes to the Max, we linked to an interesting video that summarized some of the natural gifts and abilities we’ll be reclaiming and/or enhancing through the ascension process, such as expanded intuition, inter-dimensional travel, levitation, telepathy and abilities to control water, ice, fire and electricity, etc. To go from […]

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Heal Your Physical Heart And Conscious Mind

by LaTonya March 27, 2011
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Below is a reposting of a guest post from Sanada through Rev. Michelle Coutant at  Many thanks to as well for re-posting the message right where I would find it!  It came at a wonderful time for me with helpful reminders about the beauty and awesome potential of this time in our lives. […]

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ETs Phoning Earth…Will you Pick Up?

by LaTonya September 18, 2010

I’d like to share my experience of last evening with you.  Here’ what I’ve been up to with our off planet friends!

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4 Steps for Activating Powerful Choice and Manifestation

by LaTonya August 27, 2010

I’ve been thinking about the power of choice lately.  I, like you, have a magnificent creative ability.  To create, we have to choose.  I can exercise my power of choice to manifest that which is desired.  I often wonder, though, how can I more effectively use my abilities to choose and create to improve my […]

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Your Choice: Are we One or are we Separate?

by LaTonya August 23, 2010

My recent post entitled “Albert Einstein Quotes: Which One Moves You the Most,” included a video montage of several quotes from Albert Einstein. In that post, I shared that my favorite quote on that day from the video was the following:

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LaTonya’s Gratitude Journal – Issue #3: Dancing the Dance of Life

by LaTonya September 7, 2009

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to take part in something like this? Here’s a little something… … that is for those joining me in play today! … that reminds me of our interconnectedness. … that lightens my heart and reminds me that we are all in this, the Journey of Life, together. Here’s a little something […]

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Knocking Down Walls and Living the Creator Life

by LaTonya August 18, 2009

  There once was a woman who was born to love, to help and to play.  And boy did she want to play! She wanted to run.  She wanted to skip.  She wanted to laugh.  She wanted to jump up and down and yell from the rooftops about joy –  the joy of life, the joy of living, the […]

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