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Mother Nature

Walk Leads to 3 Keys to Joy

by LaTonya April 26, 2011

Sometimes when we dare to take a different path, change our life up, live on the wild side, we run across miracles and inspirational moments that serve to transform our lives from the “ho hum” to deeply fulfilling, spontaneous, joyful adventures that awaken the Spirit within.  Have you had one of those experiences lately?  Here […]

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Part 2 – Calming the Mind for Greater Peace re Recent Tsunami in Japan

by LaTonya March 22, 2011
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Here’s what Spirit has recently shared regarding the recent events in Japan.  I found the information illuminating and reassuring and therefore wanted to share it with you. [1] I hope you find it helpful. As discussed in a previous sharing entitled “Calm the Mind for Greater Peace re Recent Tsunami in Japan”, what at first […]

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