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Studies Show Global Meditation Works

by LaTonya February 26, 2017

Here are a couple scientific studies that have confirmed the positive effects of mass meditations on human society.  

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How to Go Within

by LaTonya February 21, 2017

As we are each unique sparks of Divine Light, our individual paths to ascension may differ.   Thus it is important that we remember to go within and connect with our own Divine Essence to gain insight, clarity and support on our journey.  No one knows you next best step better than You. Below are a […]

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Go within to your inner sanctuary and experience the Love that awaits you there.

by LaTonya September 14, 2014

Here’s an inspirational sharing from Spirit for those who have been struggling to find the time to focus on Self. Are you feeling bogged down by the trials and tribulations of daily life? Are you so busy that you’re having trouble connecting in with your joy? Or are you feeling just plain bored by the […]

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Let’s Get Happy!

by LaTonya June 6, 2014

Happy dogs and cats in Australia.  Let’s join them! One of the easiest ways to calm the mind and emotions is to visualize. If you like, you can take a virtual trip right now and go play on the beach with these cats and dogs.  Can you smell the salt air?  How does the water […]

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Master Shift Global Unity Meditation – 12/12/12 – Be a Part of History!

by LaTonya December 6, 2012

December 12, 212 is going to be a powerful day for the upliftment of us all!  Be a part of history and join with others worldwide in a Live 30 Minute Guided Global Unity Meditation on 12-12-12! The Master Shift On December 12, 2012 at exactly the same moment, the entire world will be […]

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Part 3 – Calming your Mind for Greater Peace regarding Recent Tsunami in Japan

by LaTonya March 31, 2011

Wondering what you can do to help the situation in Japan after the recent tsunami and earthquake?  For me, once I came to understand how the elementals of earth, water, fire, air and wood are continuously working together to help balance the earth,  it became much easier for me to witness what has happened in […]

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Heal Your Physical Heart And Conscious Mind

by LaTonya March 27, 2011
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Below is a reposting of a guest post from Sanada through Rev. Michelle Coutant at  Many thanks to as well for re-posting the message right where I would find it!  It came at a wonderful time for me with helpful reminders about the beauty and awesome potential of this time in our lives. […]

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How to Take a Free Mini-Vacation Right Now!

by LaTonya September 11, 2010

Do you need a vacation?  Does one day seem just like the next?  Are you bored with life?  Why not take a mini-vacation right from the comfort of your own home and rejuvenate!  Here’s how I do it…

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Chaos or Unlimited Sustenance and Abundance: It’s my Choice!

by LaTonya September 2, 2009

The excerpt below is from an email chain I ran across recently.  Today I am thankful for those human angels and email warriors from around the world who take the time to share beautiful messages and reminders with me – like the one I’ve listed below. I am always amazed at the simultaneous simplicity and […]

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Helping our Parents or Loved Ones in Financial Distress

by LaTonya June 16, 2009

Are you in a situation where your parents, a friend, or other loved one is facing financial distress? Looking for a way to encourage them, help them, support them? Then read here for some pearls of wisdom from a coaching client on this very issue…. Cathy’s Dilemma I’d like to share with you some of […]

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