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Arcturian Group Message through Marilyn Raffaele, January 15, 2017

by LaTonya January 17, 2017

Channeled by Marilyn Raffaele January 15, 2017 Greetings dear friends. Once again we come in love to commune with you, aware of all you are facing in these rapidly changing times. Many of you are in the process of integrating higher dimensional energies which can leave you feeling depleted and confused as physical and emotional […]

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Jesus via John Smallman: God Loves You and Has Given You Everything

by LaTonya January 16, 2017

Audio version. All are One, there is no separation because separation is an unreal state that you collectively imagined into your Mind in order to play the illusory games in which you have been so caught up for eons of your time, but which, in Reality, was only only a very brief momentary thought of separation. But […]

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Mooji: This Love Loves Everyone

by LaTonya January 11, 2017

You are important to our world. I see you. It is going to be okay. If you are feeling down, or feeling angry or sad, please accept this message of Love from Mooji. Published on Dec 31, 2016

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Diego the Parakeet Proves the Power of Love

by LaTonya December 14, 2016
green nenday parakeet

Here’s what a beautiful Parakeet named Diego taught me about the power of Love. Diego is a black hooded nenday parakeet that I spend time with sometimes. [*] Recently Diego shared a message with me that was so uplifting that I was inspired to share it with you.     Diego the Parakeet Here’s the […]

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Matthew’s Messages: December 9, 2016

by LaTonya December 11, 2016

Never underestimate the power of love to change lives and your world—love is the doorway to Earth’s Golden Age in full bloom.  Matthew Ward through Suzy Ward, December 9, 2016. ————— Matthew’s Messages December 9, 2016 With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. Always emotions intensify at year’s end as people […]

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I am NOT Black, You are NOT White

by LaTonya September 30, 2016

The arts – music, song, dance – have the power to create huge change in our world.

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Manifesting from the Seat of Love by Venus Beings – Natalie Glasson

by LaTonya August 27, 2016

The message below shares that a major shift concerning the Christ Consciousness has taken place and shares how we can work with the high vibration energies flooding the planet to not only manifest more easily but also strengthen our trust of our soul and enhance our bonds with Self and Creator. I encourage all to […]

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Elderly Elephant Waits for Friend

by LaTonya June 29, 2016

Here’s yet another example of compassion, deep friendship and love. As GoldenLady, a friend of mine recently shared: How remarkably well God made all of his creations & what lessons we can learn from each of them!  Let us endeavor to learn them very well. Enjoy!

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Don’t Give Up…An Unexpected Moment

by LaTonya March 8, 2015

  An Unexpected Moment ~By Sara L. Henderson~ ================================== It was hard to watch her fail. Physically she was growing thinner and more stooped. Mentally she was losing her ability to sort out reality. Initially, my grandmother had railed angrily against the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease that were eroding who she had always been. Eventually, […]

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Why Love Will Heal The World

by LaTonya December 8, 2014

Why Love Will Heal the World By Marcia Sirota MD Let me explain why love will heal the world. I was just reading this weekend about the likelihood that there will soon be a mass extinction of many animal species. Scientists are stating that this global devastation is being driven by humans: the result […]

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Why Love is the Answer to the fighting in Iraq.

by LaTonya September 14, 2014

  How do you feel about the United States’ decision to send in additional troupes to help combat the perceived threat of ISIL in Iraq?

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Helpful Things to Remember Post 12-21-12.

by LaTonya December 24, 2012

Star Family has recently shared that a new age has come in with the silence of a lamb.  Oh, how I find that to be true.  Overall my experience of 12-21-12 has been beneficial.  I’ve had moments of extreme bliss, electrifying tingling and lightbody activations, and feeling as if I was indeed about to lift […]

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