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limiting beliefs

Are Beliefs about Money or Relationships Holding you Back?

by LaTonya August 28, 2012

Are your beliefs about male/female roles or money affecting your life?  This message from the Arcturians (below) provides guidance for releasing two limiting beliefs that are still strongly entrenched in our consciousness, namely:  1) beliefs about romantic relationships and 2) beliefs about money. The Arcturians share that we are all beginning to understand that, no […]

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Feeling Part of Something Big

by LaTonya October 17, 2009

On occasion lately, I’ve been feeling that the changes that I’m ready to see manifest in our world are not happening fast enough. I mean come on already! I’ve heard about the shift, I know we’re in the middle of it and I’m experiencing time speeding up as much as the next person, but I’ve wanted to […]

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