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Be willing to face the fears of the past and move into new dimensions of Love – Shanta Gabriel for Archangel Gabriel

by LaTonya October 1, 2018

A few tips on how to more easily release the pain of the past so that you can live a more abundant, joyful, peaceful and loving life. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Archangel Gabriel via Shanta Gabriel: Be Willing to Face the Fears of the Past and Move into New Dimensions of Love.   Dear One, You have come […]

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Jesus via John Smallman: God Loves You and Has Given You Everything

by LaTonya January 16, 2017

Audio version. All are One, there is no separation because separation is an unreal state that you collectively imagined into your Mind in order to play the illusory games in which you have been so caught up for eons of your time, but which, in Reality, was only only a very brief momentary thought of separation. But […]

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Mooji: This Love Loves Everyone

by LaTonya January 11, 2017

You are important to our world. I see you. It is going to be okay. If you are feeling down, or feeling angry or sad, please accept this message of Love from Mooji. Published on Dec 31, 2016

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The Law of Attraction Explained

by LaTonya November 29, 2016

Here is the Law of Attraction explained:   The Missing Key to the Law of Attraction: Angelic Guides via Taryn Crimi: The Missing Key to the Law of Attraction  

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Your Efforts are Bearing Fruit

by LaTonya November 27, 2016

While we can’t see them, there are cords of Light that connect us to our Higher Selves, Gaia, the stars, the planets, and each other.  We are all connected to each other.  We are all One.  Truly, there is only one of Us in the room. As we each process through our core issues and […]

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5 Lessons

by LaTonya April 26, 2015

5 lessons to learn in our lives Author:  Tab A great lady sent these to me, reminding me that the most important things Are really the little things we do for each other….not the big ones…. 1 – First Important Lesson – Cleaning Lady.   During my second month of college, our professor Gave us […]

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Shine Brightly: High Vibrations.

by LaTonya March 3, 2015

Excellent post from The Light Sanctuary on how to calm the mind, awaken the joyful spirit and have a great day, everyday! ———- Shine Brightly: High Vibrations. Posted on March 3, 2015 This morning I had a mini panic when I noticed that some money I was expecting to receive had not reached my account. […]

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Be Happy – A Review of the Movie Happy

by LaTonya December 28, 2014

Must-See: A Review of the Movie Happy By Monique Minahan “The Constitution only gives people the right to pursue happiness. You have to catch it yourself.” — Benjamin Franklin This is the intro line from the movie Happy. Happiness and how to achieve it are becoming increasingly popular, interesting, and relevant topics. And for good reason. Statistical, scientific […]

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Let’s Get Happy!

by LaTonya June 6, 2014

Happy dogs and cats in Australia.  Let’s join them! One of the easiest ways to calm the mind and emotions is to visualize. If you like, you can take a virtual trip right now and go play on the beach with these cats and dogs.  Can you smell the salt air?  How does the water […]

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Connect to your Joy and Feel the Bliss!

by LaTonya April 20, 2013

We are joy at our core.  Sometimes the hectic pace of everyday life can distract us and we temporarily lose our conscious connection with that most natural part of our beingness.  When we lose our connection, life can seem to be become more dim, slow, hard, and even for some, confusing, traumatic or violent. The […]

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Helpful Things to Remember Post 12-21-12.

by LaTonya December 24, 2012

Star Family has recently shared that a new age has come in with the silence of a lamb.  Oh, how I find that to be true.  Overall my experience of 12-21-12 has been beneficial.  I’ve had moments of extreme bliss, electrifying tingling and lightbody activations, and feeling as if I was indeed about to lift […]

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Thank you!

by LaTonya November 22, 2012

As I continue opening up to greater aspects of both my own being and the All, so too does my understanding of the grand magnificence of the Divine Plan I live in continue expanding… So too does my gratefulness for all the beauty and joy of my life expand. I understand that every day is […]

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