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Helpful Things to Remember Post 12-21-12.

by LaTonya December 24, 2012

Star Family has recently shared that a new age has come in with the silence of a lamb.  Oh, how I find that to be true.  Overall my experience of 12-21-12 has been beneficial.  I’ve had moments of extreme bliss, electrifying tingling and lightbody activations, and feeling as if I was indeed about to lift […]

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How to Make it Through a Hard, Hard Life with Ease and Grace

by LaTonya September 29, 2012

Think you’ve had a “hard life”?  Below are reflections from St. Francis on the true meaning of detachment and how to use it to flow through life – even what some might normally call a hard, destitute, traumatic or poverty-stricken hard life – with ease and grace …  Such profound wisdom… Thank you Francis! Note:  […]

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Heroes to the Max

by LaTonya August 21, 2011

As we move farther along the ascension process, perhaps now is a great time to review a bit about where we’re headed.  Many changes are in store for all of us, yet these changes are more of a return home – a return to a bit of our natural, Divine Expression. Here’s an interesting summary […]

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Sunday Inspiration: The Child in You Speaks

by LaTonya August 29, 2010

I found these videos made by two precious darlings on You Tube incredibly inspiring! They’ve helped me to rekindle and energize the child in me that knows “all things are possible”! Enjoy!

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Your Choice: Are we One or are we Separate?

by LaTonya August 23, 2010

My recent post entitled “Albert Einstein Quotes: Which One Moves You the Most,” included a video montage of several quotes from Albert Einstein. In that post, I shared that my favorite quote on that day from the video was the following:

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Feeling Part of Something Big

by LaTonya October 17, 2009

On occasion lately, I’ve been feeling that the changes that I’m ready to see manifest in our world are not happening fast enough. I mean come on already! I’ve heard about the shift, I know we’re in the middle of it and I’m experiencing time speeding up as much as the next person, but I’ve wanted to […]

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LaTonya’s Gratitude Journal – Issue #3: Dancing the Dance of Life

by LaTonya September 7, 2009

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to take part in something like this? Here’s a little something… … that is for those joining me in play today! … that reminds me of our interconnectedness. … that lightens my heart and reminds me that we are all in this, the Journey of Life, together. Here’s a little something […]

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Helping our Parents or Loved Ones in Financial Distress

by LaTonya June 16, 2009

Are you in a situation where your parents, a friend, or other loved one is facing financial distress? Looking for a way to encourage them, help them, support them? Then read here for some pearls of wisdom from a coaching client on this very issue…. Cathy’s Dilemma I’d like to share with you some of […]

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The Titter Tatter of our Lives

by LaTonya May 24, 2009

It’s so amazing what we can learn about ourselves from nature and the wonderful world around us just by sitting, watching and communing with it. As I left the house for my walk this morning around 6:15 am, I noticed the sky was cloudy, it was windy and the air had that humid, flowing, comfortable […]

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Peace be unto you.

by LaTonya May 13, 2009

Here’s a poem for your enjoyment… As we sit by the shore and walk the path of Love, knowing day by day, our Love will show the way, Time rings the eternal bell the sound of which you know well… You float into eternity in the All That Is that is the sea.

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