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Heavenletter #5899 via Gloria Wendroff: The Need to Be Heard and the Art of Listening

by LaTonya January 19, 2017

  God said: In terms of the world, there are at least two parties who communicate. One is called the speaker, and the other is called the listener. True conversation is a beautiful tango. One leads, one follows. They both lead. They both follow. The listener really listens, doesn’t interrupt, listens deeply until it’s his […]

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Let’s Create Schools That Honor the Joy of Learning

by LaTonya September 13, 2016

Global ascension will include benevolent and beneficial changes to our educational system.  Below is a great discussion on how we can return the joy of learning to our schools, our children and our own lives. It has been shared that in the more spiritually advanced civilizations of the cosmos, parents will wait for their children […]

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