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The Arcturian Group – February 5, 2012

by LaTonya February 6, 2012

Below is  an inspirational post from the Arcturians, our Star Family.  Here we are encouraged to remember that much is occurring behind the scenes that will serve the upliftment of both Earth and Humanity.  Although we may not always see the physical proof of these changes with our eyes, it’s important that we remain patient, […]

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Chaos or Unlimited Sustenance and Abundance: It’s my Choice!

by LaTonya September 2, 2009

The excerpt below is from an email chain I ran across recently.  Today I am thankful for those human angels and email warriors from around the world who take the time to share beautiful messages and reminders with me – like the one I’ve listed below. I am always amazed at the simultaneous simplicity and […]

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The Titter Tatter of our Lives

by LaTonya May 24, 2009

It’s so amazing what we can learn about ourselves from nature and the wonderful world around us just by sitting, watching and communing with it. As I left the house for my walk this morning around 6:15 am, I noticed the sky was cloudy, it was windy and the air had that humid, flowing, comfortable […]

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What Have Squirrels Got to Do With It?

by LaTonya May 16, 2009

Today is the day I learned more about why I should never be “too busy”… I was heading out the door this morning to go to my parent’s home to help them with their computer, when my friend, who was looking at the computer at the time, said “hey, you’ve got to check this out!”  I went over to […]

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Peace be unto you.

by LaTonya May 13, 2009

Here’s a poem for your enjoyment… As we sit by the shore and walk the path of Love, knowing day by day, our Love will show the way, Time rings the eternal bell the sound of which you know well… You float into eternity in the All That Is that is the sea.

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