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Gratitude Journal

LaTonya’s Gratitude Journal – Issue #3: Dancing the Dance of Life

by LaTonya September 7, 2009

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to take part in something like this? Here’s a little something… … that is for those joining me in play today! … that reminds me of our interconnectedness. … that lightens my heart and reminds me that we are all in this, the Journey of Life, together. Here’s a little something […]

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Chaos or Unlimited Sustenance and Abundance: It’s my Choice!

by LaTonya September 2, 2009

The excerpt below is from an email chain I ran across recently.  Today I am thankful for those human angels and email warriors from around the world who take the time to share beautiful messages and reminders with me – like the one I’ve listed below. I am always amazed at the simultaneous simplicity and […]

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LaTonya’s Gratitude Journal – Issue #2

by LaTonya June 17, 2009

What a wonderful week this has been – chock full of writing and healing for me. I am so glad to be alive, right here, right now, doing just what I’m doing right now – writing!  Why did I wait so long to get started doing this? I am still in the process of getting the site […]

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