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You Will See and Perceive More in 5d

by LaTonya August 30, 2016

Repost of article by One Who Believes =================================== You Will See/Perceive More In 5d This post is in response to the recent Gary Larrabee Video Post (Link Below) where he states that he is now seeing People who aren’t really there. While he calls them “Visions” others might call them Ghosts. These are just “Beings” […]

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Natural Vision Remedy for Eye Floaters

by LaTonya March 24, 2015

Are you experiencing “eye floaters”?  You know those clear, irregular shaped objects that seem to run across your vision?  Wondering what you can do about them? I went to the eye doctor recently to get new eyeglasses.  As an aside, I am nearsighted and many around me have opted to lasik surgery on their eyes.  […]

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Studies Show Outdoor Light Improves Eyesight

by LaTonya March 21, 2015

Yet another reason for spending time outdoors – studies have shown it improves eyesight.  Studies have shown that the bright light of being outdoors stimulates the release of dopamine within the retina which assists in preventing the elongation of the eyeball that leads to myopia (“nearsightedness”). The eyeball grows most when during childhood, so across […]

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