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emotional balance

The Law of Attraction Explained

by LaTonya November 29, 2016

Here is the Law of Attraction explained:   The Missing Key to the Law of Attraction: Angelic Guides via Taryn Crimi: The Missing Key to the Law of Attraction  

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Your Efforts are Bearing Fruit

by LaTonya November 27, 2016

While we can’t see them, there are cords of Light that connect us to our Higher Selves, Gaia, the stars, the planets, and each other.  We are all connected to each other.  We are all One.  Truly, there is only one of Us in the room. As we each process through our core issues and […]

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Hilarion: This is The Time of the Merging Process with Your Higher Aspects

by LaTonya June 11, 2012

Below is an informative message from Hilarion with tips for navigating through these times of clearing, release, transformation and ascension, including: Keep the highest vision of yourself in the forefront always. Stay grounded and connected with Mother Earth. Drink plenty of pure water to allow the higher frequencies to more easily travel through your meridians. […]

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Tips for Mastering your Emotions

by LaTonya March 14, 2012

  One of the Greatest Steps We Can Take as a 3rdDimensional Human Moving into Ascension Is… … to learn to control our emotions! In fact, one of the main goals throughout our incarnations has been to master the learning curve necessary to control our emotions. Are you one whose emotions have often gotten the […]

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How to Have a Great Day

by LaTonya December 17, 2011

UPDATED:  Thank you to spirit and Abraham and Esther Hicks for this most delicious tidbit update on “How to have a Great Day”.  Scroll to the bottom to see the update. Are you tired of having bad day after bad day?  Do you wake up sad instead of feeling light, joyful and excited about your […]

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How to Take a Free Mini-Vacation Right Now!

by LaTonya September 11, 2010

Do you need a vacation?  Does one day seem just like the next?  Are you bored with life?  Why not take a mini-vacation right from the comfort of your own home and rejuvenate!  Here’s how I do it…

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Raise your Vibration by Responding vs. Reacting

by LaTonya August 10, 2010

Have you ever experienced a situation where you reacted to something one way only to realize later that a different approach would have been better?  Perhaps you’ve spoken words you would rather have not said.  Have you ever had an argument with someone and wished the conversation had gone differently? Sometimes the difference between a […]

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Feeling Part of Something Big

by LaTonya October 17, 2009

On occasion lately, I’ve been feeling that the changes that I’m ready to see manifest in our world are not happening fast enough. I mean come on already! I’ve heard about the shift, I know we’re in the middle of it and I’m experiencing time speeding up as much as the next person, but I’ve wanted to […]

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Knocking Down Walls and Living the Creator Life

by LaTonya August 18, 2009

  There once was a woman who was born to love, to help and to play.  And boy did she want to play! She wanted to run.  She wanted to skip.  She wanted to laugh.  She wanted to jump up and down and yell from the rooftops about joy –  the joy of life, the joy of living, the […]

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