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Have you Ever Seen a UFO Power Up – An Epic CE-5 Initiation

by LaTonya September 4, 2018

Have you ever seen a UFO “power up”? In prior contacts with Star Family in the sky, I have seen their ships emit a large, blue blast of light around the entire circumference of the ship for a short period of time.  If I understand correctly, the CSETI CE-5 Initiative refers to this as a […]

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Earth’s Schumann Resonance Spiking to Unheard of Levels

by LaTonya April 25, 2017

Perhaps you have heard that the Earth is moving into a “higher vibration”?  Do you want to know more about what “higher vibration” really means? Would you like to understand more about why humanity is likewise moving into a higher vibration as the Earth does? Perhaps you’ve heard that there is a quantum solar shift […]

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Join 1 of 3 Earth Day Celebrations

by LaTonya April 21, 2017

Received via email from Unify: Earth Day is this Saturday and we have three amazing global events to share with you — including one that begins today at noon! Don’t miss the ceremony today! And join-in all these powerful events to help our planet, our people and life. In love and gratitude, The UNIFY team

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The Arcturian Group by Marilyne Raffaele: 4-9-17

by LaTonya April 20, 2017

Video: Video Source:  Youtube User: Matt Muckleroy,   APRIL 9, 2017 Greetings dear ones, we come in love and bringing guidance for all who are trying so hard to make sense of the world and how it relates to the ascension.  Do not believe that there is no progress, for as we have explained […]

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Worldwide Fellowship Speeds up Global Ascension

by LaTonya March 2, 2017

I ran across this quote today and would like to share it with you.  This quote seems so relevant for where we are today [1]: Every nation must now develop an overriding loyalty to mankind as a whole in order to preserve the best in their individual societies. This call for a worldwide fellowship that […]

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Studies Show Global Meditation Works

by LaTonya February 26, 2017

Here are a couple scientific studies that have confirmed the positive effects of mass meditations on human society.  

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How to Go Within

by LaTonya February 21, 2017

As we are each unique sparks of Divine Light, our individual paths to ascension may differ.   Thus it is important that we remember to go within and connect with our own Divine Essence to gain insight, clarity and support on our journey.  No one knows you next best step better than You. Below are a […]

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The Wake Up Experience: Current Energies and Symptoms for the different Ascension Waves

by LaTonya January 20, 2017

An interesting article discussing different stages of ascension, including; First Movers/Innovators Early Adopters Early Majority Late Majority Laggards I suspect there’s lots of overlap between these stages, yet found the discussion interesting.  Thanks Vera! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Current Energies and Symptoms for the different Ascension Waves by Vera | Jan 12, 2017 Note: By no means does this […]

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Matthew’s Message: January 8, 2017

by LaTonya January 11, 2017

January 8, 2017 With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. Your calendar year 2017 promises to be exhilarating as the planet rides powerful energy waves along its ascension course. The waves are fields of light, and since light and love are the same energy, you could think of everyone in […]

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Mooji: This Love Loves Everyone

by LaTonya January 11, 2017

You are important to our world. I see you. It is going to be okay. If you are feeling down, or feeling angry or sad, please accept this message of Love from Mooji. Published on Dec 31, 2016

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GoldenAgeofGaia: Commander Ashira on the Energies Coming to Earth NOW

by LaTonya January 7, 2017

Below is incredible information from Spirit regarding the video that was discussed here: Is this Visible Proof of the Ascension Energies Flooding our Planet? I listened to the show below and did indeed find it chock full of interesting information! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Heavenly Blessings: Commander Ashira on the Energies Coming to earth NOW January 3, 2017 […]

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EraofLight: What are Binaural Beats?

by LaTonya January 6, 2017

What Are Binaural Beats? Posted on 12/2016 by EraOfLight Binaural beats and isochronic tones are used in an attempt to synchronize one’s own brainwaves with a rhythm or beat, in order to reach a frequency corresponding to a certain level of consciousness. Binaural beats and isochronic tones can aid in reaching deep states of meditation and relaxation, […]

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