Sunday Inspiration: The Child in You Speaks

June 10, 2011 | LaTonya

I found these videos made by two precious darlings on You Tube  incredibly inspiring!  They’ve helped me to rekindle and energize the child in me that knows “all things are possible”! Enjoy!


What would happen if we all truly believed and lived the message of this video and gave each other permission to do the same?

What if everyone was allowed to do what made their hearts truly sing in joy? What if that’s all we did?

What would happen if we all knew of our connection with each other and self-moderated our actions accordingly and truly lived the golden rule of “do unto others as you would have done unto you?”

While sometimes it may appear otherwise, we’re moving closer and closer to this type of existence every single day!

Next up is a video from the child above’s brother explaining how to chant! Sometimes I hesitate to do things thinking I must get this or that more in line first. Sometimes we may hesitate to get married or have children or start a business wanting to “get our ducks in a row” first. This video reminds me that we are already perfect as we are and we are never too young to share what we remember of our perfection with others.


(Video sources: Julinluli1111’s Chanel on You Tube.)

What does the child in you that’s fully aware of your Divine Perfection have to share with you today?

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