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Spiders Use the Earth’s E-Field to Fly – Can We?

by LaTonya in Miscellaneous

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In a recent article entitled “Science Finds Dogs Have a Sixth Sense That Helps Them Poop”, we discussed how dogs spin before excreting because they are instinctively connecting with the Earth’s Magnetic Field (“MF”) and prefer going poo with their bodies aligned on the North-South axis of the MF.  [1]

It turns out that Mammals such as birds, insects, fish, and reptiles have special molecules in their bodies that help them sense magnetic fields, allowing them to perceive direction, altitude, and location.  [1]

Now, we know that spiders can sense magnetic fields too. For example, a recent study has confirmed that spiders fly by using the electricity in the air, allowing them to travel thousands of miles on windless days. [2]

Here are the key points to the article [2]:

  • Spiders can fly thousands of miles using Atmospheric Potential Gradient (APG)
  • This is a global electric circuit that is always present in the Earth’s atmosphere
  • Linyphiid spiders were exposed to lab-controlled e-fields equivalent to the APG
  • Scientists found that switching the e-field caused the spider to move upwards
  • This proved that spiders can become airborne in the absence of wind using APG

It seems animals are experts at following their instinct and that instinct helps them sense the electro-magnetic fields present on Earth.  We as humans have instincts as well.  As we raise our energetic vibrations and learn (or more accurately, remember) how to instinctively connect with electro-magnetic and gravitational fields of the Earth, we’ll be able to “fly” in the future as well.

In fact, right now, many scientists are exploring how to pull electricity for free from the air around us and how to fly using magnetic and gravitational fields.

One such example is the M.T. Keshe of the Keshe Foundation Spaceship Institute that is exploring how to pull electricity from the air around us and use it to propel ships through the air without motors.

Everything you see in the world, and all that is unseen, is formed, manifested and comes into existence by the interaction of magnetic and gravitational fields… The current method of energy production and use is not efficient; it is wasteful and damaging to our planet and its species. One of the biggest challenges for humanity is to find ways in which to harness and use available, abundant energy that is all around us without causing damage to species and our planet. [3]

Spiders flying is just another example of what our animal friends can teach us about living on Earth!

Read the full article explaining how spiders fly here:

Read more on the Keshe Foundation here.


[1] “Science finds Dogs Have a Sixth Sense That Helps Them Poop”,,



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