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Crystalline Support Coaching Packages

Most participants find the Package Programs listed below to be the most cost-efficient and economical.  My coaching rates are subject to change at anytime (based on client load), the Package Programs are a great deal as they are discounted below the normal “individual session” coaching rate and booking a Package Program locks in your future coaching at the discounted rates.  All of the Coaching Investment Package Programs offered here have a one month /session minimum, but after that, how long we continue working together is totally up to you.  $30 Day Money Back Guaranty ~ no questions asked.

Most experience the highest benefit from coaching with 4 or more sessions.

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Path of Light Numerology Package

Our repeated patterns and challenges speak to us encouraging us on a path towards resolution, wholeness and balance. In this Numerology + coaching combo package we’ll first determine and your destiny, life path, soul urge and karmic numbers, then explore what these revelations mean for you in terms of your career, intimate relationships, talents and general leanings.One 60 minute coaching session, by phone or skype/webcast.

$95 per session.  



Super Support Email Coaching Package

I find that one of the most useful tools in my relationship with my own coach is the aspect of accountability. Sometimes, it’s helpful to have an outside, third-party there to support us in the accomplishment of our goals, whatever they may be. Do you want some help staying on track with your to-do lists? Would it help you to share with another the progress you’ve made toward your goals? This is a very cost efficient package for those purposes. 2 Instant Messaging sessions or email threads each month lasting 30 minutes each.

$95 per package. 


Feel It – Be It – See It : Masterful Manifestation Package

The fact that you’re here means you’re ready to take ownership and authorship of your life! If there’s something that you want to create or manifest, whether it’s a business, a tangible item or a state of being, coaching/EFT can help you release blocks  and stay on track with your goals.  Get started now, and let’s work together towards the manifestation of your dreams!  2 Coaching Sessions per month, lasting 60 minutes each, in person or by phone.Email support between sessions.$190 per package.  


Clear Vibrancy Life Mission Package

You are a powerful, loving and passionate creation of God who came here for a special, Divine purpose! This inspirational coaching package will help you attain more  understanding, clarity, peace, vitality and vibrancy around your unique life mission and purpose.  Great for those interested in rekindling the joyful passion for life!  3 Coaching Sessions per month, lasting 60 minutes each, by phone or Skype/webcast.Email Support in between sessions.$285 per package.


Freedom Now Package

Are you ready to get to the point where you can say the worst is now behind you?  Instant Healing is your birthright!  This combo EFT/Coaching package is designed to help you proactively prevent or dissolve fears, phobias, stress, anxiety or other obstacles in your life.  3 Coaching Session per month, lasting 60 minutes each, by phone or Skype/webcast.Email Support between sessions.$270 per package. 


Authentic Power Package

Ready to take back your Power? Looking for a way to live and express your Truth? Tired of hiding and want to step forward in the world as your true, authentic self? This comprehensive, combo package will help you take inventory of your life, get clear about what you desire, remove energetic blocks to your progress and get organized and motivated so that you can move forward standing in your Truth, focused on your highest priorities and absolutely pulsing with authentic power.  4 Coaching Sessions over the course of 2 months, lasting 60 minutes each, by phone or Skype/webcast.Unlimited phone and email support between sessions.$380 per package.


Spiritual Transformation Package

Are you going through a transition or spiritual awakening that’s transforming your life and/or physical body in ways you never expected? I’ve learned from personal experience that the process of accelerated growth or spiritual awakening can sometimes be accompanied by physical pain, flu-like symptoms and distress. When your perception of the world as you’ve always known it suddenly starts moving and changing in massive and dramatic ways, this can feel like physical pain and can sometimes leave you feeling as if you’re standing there, shaking and falling through quicksand while your world comes crashing down around you. These extraordinary times on Earth are like no other and the effects of The Shift are affecting us all in different ways, i.e. headaches, dizziness, nausea, changing jobs, relationships, living conditions, etc. Know that these experiences are normal for these times, you are not alone, and have the inner strength to get through this!  We’ll help you go within, get clear, find a sense of direction in your life and step into your power for greater joy, peace and fulfillment out of life.
This special combo package is for the select few experiencing dramatic life shifts and accelerated personal and spiritual growth who would like assistance with their shifting process as they transform, and learn to spread their wings, take flight and fly as a powerful I AM creator presence in our world.

This is a custom, mix and match coaching package geared towards your individual needs and path.  Six Coaching Sessions per package over the course of two months, lasting 60 minutes each, exploring your choice (6) of the following areas:

Life Mission and Purpose
Value Prioritizer
Needs Analysis
Overcoming Challenges
Future Self Imagery Journeys
Awakening Divine Intuition
Rejuvenating Self-Love
Re-energizing Passion
Clearing Energetic Blocks with EFT
EFT Training
Chakra System Tune-up
Lightbody Activations
DNA Activations
Past/Future Timeline Tapping
Other Issues as determined by your preferences and situation

Six Sessions offered over the course of two months, lasting 60 minutes each, by phone or webcast.

Unlimited phone and email support between sessions.

$570 per package. 



Complimentary Initial 30 Minute Consultation

Free 1/2 consultations available for both Coaching and EFT, by phone or Skype/Webcast|
Come explore the transformative magic of Coaching!

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Single Soul Coaching Session

One coaching session lasting 60 minutes
Sessions offered in person or via telephone, email thread, instant messaging or Skype/webcast.

SPECIAL:  $135 per session. 


Single EFT Session

Joyful, empowered, pain-free living is your birthright!  Claim it!  Depending on the issue involved, these sessions normally last between 30 and 60 minutes.  Sessions offered in person or via phone or webcast

$95 per session.


Dynamic Energy Group Coaching

One to Two sessions/workshops each month for a group of 4 to 6 people.

$200 per session.

These sessions offer another cost effective coaching experience and are held via teleconference or Skype/webcast.

Group coaching sessions/workshops are offered on a variety of topics and can be specifically tailored to your group’s needs. Please email me at to discuss participation in a Dynamic Energy Group Coaching session.



Note: Scholarship / Sliding Scale opportunities available. If you are serious about receiving the benefits of coaching and EFT, but feel as if the finances surrounding it are holding you back, please email me directly and let’s see what we can work out. Money is simply energy in a different form.  Abundance is your Birthright, so please don’t let false perceptions regarding it curtail your valuable investment in YOU and your growth!

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