Pre-Session Information – Chakra Diagnostic Session

Welcome to the pre-session information page for your
Explosive Energy Chakra Diagnostic Session!

Step 1:

Please print off the 15Chakra System Chart listed below for a listing of the 15 major chakra centers in the body.  While we have hundreds more chakras within the body,  these are the major 15 chakras most active within the majority of us at this time.  These chart explains the chakras referenced in your Chakra Diagnostic Summary, which you may or may not have received prior to visiting this page.  Please keep this document handy for future reference.

15Chakra System Chart

Step 2:

Please click the link below to complete your Chakra Diagnostic Survey. This Survey will assist you in getting clear about what you’d like to expand or improve upon with your chakras and we’ll review the Survey with you during your 30 minute consultation session.  Once you complete the Survey, click the “Submit Form” button (top-right of form) and email the Survey back to us at

Chakra Diagnostic Survey

Step 3:

Please use any insights gained from the Chakra Diagnostic Survey to complete the contact form below.  Once we receive your Contact Form and your Chakra Diagnostic Survey, we’ll contact you back to set a convenient date/time for your consultation session.  During your consultation session, we’ll go over your Survey and Contact Form, answer any questions you have and help you plan out your chosen next steps, if any.

Thank you!

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