Shine Brightly: High Vibrations.

March 3, 2015 | LaTonya

Excellent post from The Light Sanctuary on how to calm the mind, awaken the joyful spirit and have a great day, everyday!


Shine Brightly: High Vibrations.

Shine Brightly: High Vibrations.

This morning I had a mini panic when I noticed that some money I was expecting to receive had not reached my account. I rang the company involved and expected to speak with a tired, stressed out worker who really had little interest in my issue. However, I was pleasantly surprised by

a friendly male, Irish voice. He was cheerful, courteous, sincere, nothing was too much trouble and just extremely helpful! It might sound like a trivial thing, but it really lifted me to speak to this man and I wondered if he was an earth angel. Love and light shone down the phone, and I was so grateful for this gift from the angels! It was a wonderful example of how, if we vibrate at a high level, the light and love can shine out and light others. This act on the man’s part may have seemed trivial to him. He may be like this all the time and perhaps have no idea how he can affect others in such a positive way. But to me it really was a blessing and helped to raise my vibration.


Everything contains energy in some form, every single atom that makes up a chair, a CD, an animal or a human being. Every atom that forms every cell in our bodies, as well as our energetic field, vibrates at a certain frequency.

Low Vibrations

‘Negative’ emotions and thoughts, drugs, alcohol, unhealthy foods, unhealthy environment, the people we hang out with,etc, can cause us to vibrate at a low level. For example, angry, fearful emotions, or thoughts such as “I’ll never be able to do it, it’s too scary”, “why do people have to be so rude?”, “I’m so bored”. Like attracts like, and so the lower our vibration, the lower the vibration of experiences, people, ill health, losses, thoughts and emotions we attract to us. It can cause a downward spiral. (I’d like to say that all ‘negative’ events that happen are not always caused by our vibration. We are here on earth to experience certain events, to learn certain lessons or to balance karma from past lives). Some events in our life are caused by the free choice of others).

High Vibrations

“Positive’ emotions and thoughts, people, healthy environments, happy events, inspiration etc, help us to vibrate at a high level. For example feelings of peace, love, gratitude, joy, or thoughts such as “Wow! That sunset is so beautiful”, “I’m so glad to have this hot bath”, “I love my dog so much, he makes me laugh”, “I can do this!”. Again, like attracts like, so we are able to attract other high vibration people, happy events, good luck, good health, abundance and inner peace. Love, light, angels and ascended masters are of a very pure, high vibration- perhaps the highest?! Some animals vibrate at a high level.

The effect of others, and our focus.

The man I encountered over the telephone today vibrated at a high level and caused …

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Shine Brightly: High Vibrations.


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