Saul: You Are Gearing Up for the Enormous Changes That Lie Just Ahead

September 19, 2012 | LaTonya

Have you been feeling a lack of creativity or passion lately?  Read Saul’s message below for more info on how that’s all about to change. 

Also, those familiar with A Course in Miracles may resonate with Saul’s sharings on just how we arrived at a state of perceived separation from Source and each other.  As our Brother recently shared:

All that had hidden it from view is dissolving and the way is clearly marked and inviting you enthusiastically to follow it to the divine destination for which you have longed for so many eons. And there, a most wondrous welcome awaits you all, as you, the lost adventurers now found, eagerly race Home. [1]

Yet, we’re on our way Home and awakening to our connectedness and perceiving our world more and more each day from a unity consciousness.  Our path to ascension is assured.  Let’s infuse it and our lives with joy!

Saul: You Are Gearing Up for the Enormous Changes That Lie Just Ahead

As channeled by John Smallman – September 19, 2012

You are gearing up for the enormous changes to your mode of living that lie just ahead. Your energetic frequencies are being adjusted to cope with the astronomical increases in energy that will shortly be available for you to access, should you so wish, and most of you will because then your creativity will burst forth dynamically, offering limitless new directions to explore and enjoy.

You are creative beings, but within the illusion your abilities have been very severely restricted, and when you awaken all those restrictions will be gone. The freedom on offer in your new domain is infinite and, in your present state, unimaginable to you.

There truly are no restrictions on the power that will be available to you or on how you use it, because when you awaken, every purpose that you hold, everything you choose to do will be guided by your unconditionally loving intent to delight all with the benevolent enchantment of your creative innovations. And that is exactly what you will accomplish, constantly.

You are to leave the illusion and all its problems and liabilities far behind as you venture out once more into Reality, and the amazing and limitless opportunities that it offers for creative entertainment of an infinitely enjoyable nature. Joy is your domain and your destination, and nothing can preclude your arrival there.

To look forward to something that you expect to bring you great happiness is normal, and while living on earth as humans many of you have done this numerous times, only to be disappointed. Sometimes what you were waiting for expectantly was delivered but did not last for very long, at other times disappointment was almost instantaneous.

As humans you experience life as something that is always in motion, something that is passing you by, and you know that it will end whether you want it to or not. Time is a thief that steals your life away, and many of you try desperately to make the most of it while it lasts, and that in itself can severely intensify the disappointments that you experience.

However, what you are now looking forward to, hoping for, and, perhaps, rather anxiously awaiting will not disappoint you, cannot possibly disappoint you. Release your fears, your worries, and your doubts because they are without foundation. Your Father — the Source of all being — has promised that you will awaken, so no other outcome is even remotely possible. His Love for you is consummate, all-encompassing, and His Will for you is that you be eternally exalted into the realms of divine ecstasy where He created you to experience everlasting bliss.

The eons that you have spent in the illusion seeking ultimate satisfaction, ultimate joy, ultimate happiness, have been painful and exhausting, and many times you have lost hope, even despaired, as what you sought remained hidden, concealed, and seemingly forever unattainable. Nevertheless, this time has not been wasted, for you have been presented with and learnt many essential lessons.

The illusion is a place you built in which to play with the idea of separation from your Source — the loving Father who had created you. You had everything, and yet it seemed to you that without Him, separated from Him, maybe it was possible that your freedom and your power would be significantly enhanced.

An insane concept since you were already infinitely free and powerful; you just momentarily did not believe it and allowed yourselves to imagine that impossible state — and instantly you built your inauspicious playground!

Your separated state was a shock: you were alone, frightened, and lost. The illusion was filled with other beings who seemed to be extremely threatening to your well-being, and against whom you needed to defend yourself. They were, of course, just disparate aspects of your one true Self, but you did not recognize them and you grew increasingly fearful.

However, God had ensured that you could not remain permanently unaware that these others were merely aspects of Yourself by establishing within each one of them the flame of His Love. Initially you were unwilling to conceive of such a possibility because you feared His wrath. A wrathful god is impossible but you invented one to represent the fear you fell into when you seemingly separated yourselves from Him, and you thought that you had offended Him by your actions

You moved further into unreality and started to strengthen the fortifications and defenses which you had built to allay your fear and which you hoped would keep you safe. The lessons with which you were presented were to show you the way out of fear by embracing love, so that you would release your ferocious grasp on the illusion, allowing it to dissolve.

And you have been learning these lessons well. Love, compassion, acceptance, and forgiveness are sweeping through humanity as the realization dawns that nothing else will bring you peace. And it is into this spiritually advanced state that you are rapidly evolving.

The realization that the power of Love is impregnable, that all in its path will coalesce with and be integrated into It has established itself in your collective consciousness, and is being expressed and demonstrated as never before. The end of your journey is approaching.

With so very much love, Saul.


Dear Friends,

I want to thank you all for your regular visits to the Saul Blog. I believe Saul’s messages are very apt and uplifting as we head towards awakening, and that by reading them we open ourselves, even if only for a moment, to allow God’s Love to fill our hearts, helping us to be Light bearers and way-showers to those who have yet to awaken.

I particularly want to thank those of you who expend the time and the energy to translate Saul’s messages into other languages, and to all who reblog them. They deserve to be shared widely because they are so inspiring and uplifting, and are in sharp contrast to what we generally read in the mainstream media.

So, thank you all very much and may you be always divinely blessed.

Love and hugs,




[1]  “Jesus: There is an Invigorating, Sparkling Crackle in the Air”, As Channelled by John Smallman – September 19, 2012,

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