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Amazing Recent Scientific Discoveries on Why Thought, Words and Vibration Heal the Body

by LaTonya in Heal the Body

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Amazing news!  We’ve made another giant step towards understanding our reality – an unbelievable, world-transforming scientific revolution for healing the body.  Read on to find out more about recent scientific discoveries of how our DNA responds to our language and words.  

We now have scientific explanations for why  affirmations, visualization, hypnosis, etc., can have such strong effects on us and our bodies.  Scientists now understand that instead of using the archaic method of cutting and splicing genetics, we can do the same thing without the side-effects of splicing by simply applying language and vibration of the correct frequency to DNA!

These experiments point to the “immense power of wave genetics, which is now seen to have a greater influence on the formation of organisms than the biochemical processes of alkaline sequences.  Esoteric and spiritual teachers have known for ages that our body is programmable by language, words and thought.  This has now been scientifically proven and explained, allowing science to catch up a bit with metaphysics (Kryon has been sharing this with us for years!)

Click below to read a great summary article on this entitled “Scientists Prove DNA can be Reprogrammed by Words and Frequencies” by Brazyna Fosar and Franz Bludorf at


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Source/Image Credit:  “Scientists Prove DNA can be Reprogrammed by Words and Frequencies”

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