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September 11, 2011 | LaTonya

Have you ever experienced the joy of working in tandem with another?  Have you felt your heart expand and jump with joy out of gratitude for being supported by and working together with another on the journey we call life?


It is with the greatest of joy and gratitude that I would like to introduce you all to our newest blog contributor and coach here at ~ Charles Wilkson.

Charles has been instrumental in the origin, modifications and continuity of – all the way back from it’s original inception as  Charles is my coach.  We coach each other.  He has been content to remain behind the scenes thus far and I am so glad that he is now available to share his wisdom with us all on this site.

With gratitude, I’d like to introduce you to Charles.  I’ll post his official bio below, but will share my more person reflections regarding Charles here.  Charles is a positive, uplifting, knowledgable, inspirational cosmic messenger and channel of Love and Light.  I call him Tazz (as in tazmanian devil) because of his extraordinarily high energy level and ability to work with, move, transmute and shift energy in a magnificently beneficial way.  He has become known as “Boom, Boom” by others for the same reasons.

Charles serves as one of the most effective mirrors of the Divinity within us ALL that I have ever experienced.  He lives the joy, peace and empowerment that flows through his Heart each day and enjoys inspiring and motivating others to do the same.  So if you feel stuck, or lacking in passion for your life, or if you are in any type of physical or emotional pain or want some assistance changing your attitude or finding the joy out of your life, I encourage you to contact Charles.  He would be most thrilled to assist you in reconnecting with You – the You that is Joy, that is Peace, that is Perfect Health, that is the Divine Creator in action spreading Love throughout this Planet.

Introducing…Charles Wilkson….  Please give him a great, hearty welcome to the site and feel free to email him at anytime!

Shine On everyone!



A Little More About Charles…


Meet Charles

Meet Charles… an author, spiritual advisor, motivational speaker, clairvoyant, life coach, healer, instructor and conscious channel for The Collective, ascended masters and other beings.  Charles is known as a modern shaman – adept at combining the physical with the spiritual in a way that can assist you in transforming, balancing and healing your life.

As a successful entrepreneur with over 20 years in the business world and over 35 years of research and personal experience in metaphysics, Charles walks between the 3rd dimensional world of humanity and the boundless realm of spirit and universal truth. His commitment is to guide, motivate and support you to follow your own personal paths to your highest potential and Truth, thereby achieving personal freedom and Heaven on Earth.  The Divine Intent of Charles’ work is to support humanity in greater clarity, understanding and freedom of expression as we progress through these wondrous, but sometimes challenging times on Earth.

Charles’ philosophy on healing and the assistance he and Spirit provides is…”I assist by helping you to focus on what is right in your life and expanding on that until there is only room for happiness and joy in your life and nothing else.   Pain is created when we become resistant to change, which is the only constant in this world and throughout the universe.  When we become resistant to change and search for an unchanging reality in an every changing world, we feel stagnant and begin experiencing unnecessary confusion, pain and suffering.  My work is about introducing play, joy and light into your life so that you can see the beauty of it, the perfection of it and expand on that more and more until it’s the only thing you see and experience in your life.  That’s the Heaven on Earth I’ve seen since a child and I enjoy assisting others to remember and reclaim that as their reality too.

A message from Charles to you…

Don’t let anyone tell you how to be or not to be.
It is your time to shine!
Will you let your sun shine bright so all can see?
It is time to Be!

For an appointment for an individual reading or healing session, coaching session, animal friend reading or home clearing with Charles, please visit our Services page or email Charles at

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