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Peace be unto you.

by LaTonya in Inspiration & Play

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Here’s a poem for your enjoyment…

As we sit by the shore
and walk the path of Love,
knowing day by day,
our Love will show the way,

Time rings the eternal bell
the sound of which you know well…
You float into eternity
in the All That Is that is the sea.

You are loved.
You are Love.
So Love as the Eternity that you are,
walking boldly forth as God I AM.

Live without fear.
For fear has no place
In your reality.

Come here unto Me,
For I AM as you are.

Fear not the end of time,
Instead, jump and rejoice forevermore.

Feel that as it rings
The Bell of Truth throughout your heart.

You are one of great strength and courage.
Call upon it to help you walk steadfast on your path.

Fear not.
Wait not.
Want not.

Laugh long…
Laugh hard…
Laugh loud…
And shine Peace unto this world.

You are the beacon
You have so longed to be.

Open your arms wide
and let in those who come to you
seeking the Love that they are.

Seeking peace…
Seeking shelter from the storms of physical life.

Open your arms,
Open your heart,
And bask in the joy surrounding it all.

(c) Copywright 2008.  LaTonya Harrison  All Rights Reserved.


Peace be unto you.
Know that the Love of God surrounds you
always and forevermore.

Love, peace and blessings,

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