Part 3 – Calming your Mind for Greater Peace regarding Recent Tsunami in Japan

June 10, 2011 | LaTonya

Wondering what you can do to help the situation in Japan after the recent tsunami and earthquake?  For me, once I came to understand how the elementals of earth, water, fire, air and wood are continuously working together to help balance the earth,  it became much easier for me to witness what has happened in Japan without become overwhelmed to the point of feeling powerless.   It was as if once I was able to inform my mind about what was happening, my mind settled down, and thereafter, I was able to hear my divine heart softly speaking and sharing with me how I could help.

Note: This is Part 3 to the article series entitled:  Calming your Mind for Greater Peace regarding Recent Tsunami In Japan.
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I understand that it is from these points of balance within ourselves that we can then make decisions about how we, as Humanity, wish to work in partnership with the Earth, to ease the effects of the clearing and rebalancing that Mother Earth is and will be going to go through in the next few days, months and years between now and 2012 and beyond.

The amount of collateral damage experienced from the interplay of the elemental forces is in part up to us as Humanity.  How many nuclear plants do we wish to have on the planet?  How many oil wells within the ocean?  Are we ready to recognize that what happens on the earth and in the waters EVERYWHERE on the planet has an effect on us as well as we are all connected?  All important questions to as ourselves.  We as Humanity are making these and other decisions, by our action OR inaction during these times – and we will experience the effects of our decisions as Mother Earth continues her journey of regaining balance.


It came to me that I could do the following to help stabilize the elemental forces and facilitate balance and healing for Planet Earth (and ultimately myself):

A.    Refuse to move into fear during these challenging times.

When we are in fear, our connection to the All That Is, the One Mind, Creator, experiences “static”, so to speak, and our creativity and ability to manifest that which we desire is hindered.  What has occurred, has already happened.  There’s more to come.  Instead of looking back, we can move forward empowered and remembering our connectedness to the All That is and All on this planet.  We can move forward with more understanding of what’s happened and decide what we want to do about it and what we want to do to help ease things for the future.

If you’d like to help by donating funds to help with restoration efforts in Japan, here’s a link to relief and rescue resources for your review.  Yahoo site

B.    Work with the elemental energies

Many of us out there are able to work directly with the elemental energies of the Earth.  If this calling speaks to you, know that your help and assistance is needed at this time.  The elementary energies of the earth respond to our communications in the same way as Mother Earth does.

Here are a couple sites with tons of helpful information on working with the elemental energies of earth:  Benevolent Magic and Shamanic Secrets.  All of us can work with the elemental energies.  It’s about connecting in without our own selves in recognition of our connection with the elements of earth and All That Is.

There is also a special, world-wide group meditation running all day today, March 31, 2011, that you may participate in if you like.  Just click this link, enter your name, and you’ll be entered into a special online chat room to watch by video and participate in a healing meditation for the waters of our planet, especially those surrounding Japan.  I participated in this gathering today and found the group energy present in the chat room extraordinary!  Here’s the link:  Video Healing Meditation for Japan

C.    Work on my own balance

We are made of the same “stuff” as the planet.  Therefore, when the planet becomes unbalanced, those who are sensitive may find themselves experiencing the same challenges on a personal, microcosmic, level.  As we learn to achieve homeostasis within our own minds and energetic bodies, this balance is communicated to Mother Earth, who thereafter, more easily reflects a state of balance back to us.

I, myself, have chosen to spend a bit of time each morning focusing on my own internal balance and sending love and light to Mother Earth for her use on her journey towards perfect balance.

Here’s how I approach that situation [1]:

For starters, I ask for all the most benevolent energies that are available for me to gather around me.  Then after I feel a shift in the energy I say “I am asking that all human beings on Earth now become immediately aware of their own creation energy capabilities as a conscious awareness on the basis of what they say, what they do, and how their world changes around them as a result. And I am also asking that this happens in the most benevolent way for all beings.”

If you choose to do this, or something like this, do it in a way that feels natural to you.  The Universe hears and responds to what’s in our hearts.

I think we often forget our ability to work in tandem with Mother Earth, being borne of the earth and composed as the same materials as she.  The ancients were aware of this connection.  Many of us have forgotten that we are divine beings and can have an impact on where and how Mother Earth releases energy on her path towards wholeness, balance and rebirthing.  Whatever is happening with the planet, we as Divine Angels in human form can step forward to assist in changing it, if necessary.  We are that powerful!  That Divine!

What about you?

What comes to you that we can do to help and assist our world at this time?

Love, peace and blessings,




[1]  Thanks to Robert Shapiro and for this exercise.

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