Newsflash! Our Star Family is Assisting Us!

June 8, 2011 | LaTonya

Are you one that welcomes craft sightings in the skies but want more information about just how we’re being helped?  Perhaps you feel that we as Humanity don’t need any help?  Or perhaps you’re wondering why our extraterrestrial friends have not yet assisted following the recent tsunamis, volcanoes, earthquakes and other situations around the world?  Well, as you may already know – they are and they have!  In fact, we’ve been receiving assistance from our star brothers and sisters for a very long time. I find this latest round of what seems to be visual proof amazing and inspirational!  Read on and check it out!

Message from Our Star Brothers and Sisters

I recently read a very interesting update from one of my favorite messengers in Spirit, Matthew of Matthew’s Messages.  In the message for April, our friends in the skies came through to share a bit more about just how they assist when manmade or Earth inspired earthquakes, volcanoes, storms, etc., that can have devastating effects on Earth’s population erupt.  Here’s what they had to say:

We lay down an electromagnetic grid that absorbs the kinetic energy and transmutes it into the ethers.  The effect is somewhat like the ripples on a pond when you toss a little stone in the middle.  Of course we don’t get still waters to work with—what we do is diminish the effects of what the pond would do if a boulder had been dropped into it.  And even with our softening act, Earth still releases the same amount of negativity that she needs to…It’s a revolving door cooperative effort, with each of the crews assigned to monitor Earth taking action in their particular sector at the moment energy leveling and dispersal is needed.  When the force is more powerful than just volcanic rumbling or small underwater quakes, they don’t need to get involved, but when something big is about to blow, the rest of the crews pitch in to whatever degree additional help is required.  It’s not just those geophysical events where we get involved, we also reduce the power of storms like your hurricanes and typhoons.  We decrease the effects to the extent we can…

That sounds like what a friend would do, what someone who loved us dearly would do, does it not?

I read the message above on a Monday and then on the following Wednesday ran across the videos posted below in my routine scouring of the internet for new updates on extraterrestrial events.  (All of the videos on this page are said to have come from the original video feeds of the stationary web cams positioned by the Japanese Weather Bureau around Sakurajima Mountain in  Japan.) After watching the videos and checking in with your own heart source, I hope you’ll take a moment to share with me what you feel is happening in these videos.

Video 1

The first video below is the short 6 minute version.  I think this short version is great because it really shows how the great, big light source in the foreground actually started up:


Video 2

Now if you react as I did, I KNOW you’re going to want to see this again, so I’m going to save you some time and post right here another video of the same event – this time from a multicamera view:


As I watched the second video above, it seemed as if could see our friends actually laying down the grid they spoke of in the passage above.  I reflected within and figure the large orb shaped light in the foreground of the video might have been somehow used to either open up the dimensional portals or stargate that allowed our sky friends to enter this dimensional space or the light energy was used as some sort of basket to scoop up or contain the energy released by the volcano for transformation or transmutation.  Either way, our friends in the skies seemed so very, very, busy, busy, busy assisting us and attempting to smooth out the potentially devastating effects of this event and I am so thankful to them for it!

Video 3

Lastly, here’s a video from SheilaAliens on Youtube that is great because it gives the source links and other interesting information for the video taken from the uploads of the Japanese Weather Bureau.


A great big thank you to the Youtubers, my fellow brothers and sisters of Light, who took the time and energy to put up these videos, which from what I can tell which from what I can tell are all over Youtube now.  I understand that Japanese officials have now edited the original, webcam source videos to remove the large bright source light seen in the foreground.

Spiritual Awakening

I am inspired when I watch these videos.  I am reminded that we are indeed connected to our star brothers and sisters across this universe.  These beings have traveled far and wide to assist us here on Earth so that we may live joyously and return to full remembrance of that which we are – divine, eternal, multidimensional  beings connected to the Oneness.

It is even more amazing to ponder that as we ourselves are multifaceted with several parts and pieces of ourselves incarnating across time and space, some of those on the very crafts we witness assisting us in the here and now in this timeline could be parts of our own selves from a future timeline returning to this space and time to help us.  So in many cases, its Us helping and assisting Us.

Times are shifting.  The Earth is shifting.  We are shifting.  Don’t you feel it too!?  Our Star Family will support us and assist us, but they will not do our work for us.  We must take the lead and action to transform our lives and Earth into all that we would wish it to be.  But I declare that I am ready.  I’m ready to take my place and join our star brethren throughout the Universe.  I’m ready to openly welcome and acknowledge the assistance of our multidimensional Family of Light for all they do to assist us here on Earth.

So I say thank you!  I thank the Hatonn energies, I thank the Lazarus energies, I thank the Matthew energies, the Kryon energies, the Metatron energies, the Adamus energies, and all those divine guides, guardians, angels and parts of the Oneness who have assisted and are assisting Humanity into our Golden Age of Love and Light, recognizing that their courageous, open and beneficial assistance is shared out of a pure unconditional love for the Us… the Self… the Oneness.

As we acknowledge our gratitude for both their assistance and that our own Divine Selves it opens up the energy for change, growth, transformation, and joy.   If you feel called to do so, perhaps you’ll take a moment to connect in with these energies and reflect upon the beauty of our path at this moment.  Who knows what you might hear back!

In Oneness,



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