Matthew’s Messages – February 1, 2012

February 2, 2012 | LaTonya

Today Divine Self asked that I take a day off and spend the entire day reading and reviewing and engaging in those activities that are motivational and inspirational for me.  It was a wonderful day… one in which I allowed myself the great freedom of putzing around without any real intent, just relaxing and enjoying life.

For years now, I’ve stayed in touch with the Matthew’s Messages, lovingly shared and put online by Suzy Ward at

Below is the latest message from Matthew filled with inspirational information on the power of our thoughts, the importance of this time on Earth, evidence of the great progress being made Ascension-wise and even an explanation for the “hum” sounds being heard across the world.

As always, use your own power of discernment in reviewing the message.  I found the reminders about the power of our thoughts so very beneficial!


Love, peace and blessings,



February 1, 2012

Effects of negative thoughts; dispelling fear; evidence of light’s progress; reasons for delay in initiating major reforms; cause of global “hum”; chakras; new monetary system; science vs universal reality; sex in fifth density; gods and goddesses


1. With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew.  While many lightworkers are confidently awaiting the transitional steps toward Earth’s Golden Age to reach fruition, others are marking time, so to say, until irrefutable evidence justifies full trust in light beings’ reports. And because the vast majority of your populace has no idea whatsoever that this year will end at the doorstep of a glorious new era of peace, cooperation and life in harmony with Nature, there is apprehension anew with every instance of saber rattling, austere economic analysis, new law or policy that erodes freedoms.  

2. At the beginning of Earth’s ascension 70-some years ago, negativity was rampant in the collective consciousness. As individuals started responding to the light beamed to the planet from powerful far distant civilizations, the collective consciousness started swerving into positivity, and over a decade past in your timing, the light reached the sustained amount that assured the planet’s course toward fourth density without deviation or delay. Since then the light intensity has continued increasing as more and more individuals opened their hearts and minds and correspondingly raised the collective consciousness.  Negativity lost its foothold and positivity became overwhelmingly dominant.

3. Even so, there is no automatic immunity to negative thinking—and fear is the basis of it all!—and when those thoughts are the focus of one’s energy, they are as potent as ever in manifesting adverse personal situations. A reader who wrote that fear cannot be consciously controlled made the comparison, “It is like saying don’t let your blood flow.”  We say, let us turn that into, “Let positive thoughts flow as naturally as your blood.”

4. Thoughts precede emotions, an infinitesimal lapse that isn’t recognized because the thought about a situation and the reaction to it seem to be simultaneous. When you perceive a situation as fearful, instantly that thought provokes the natural reaction—fearful feelings.  As the thought veers into preoccupation with the situation’s possible developments, the fear feelings that follow gather force. 

5. The universal law of attraction, which cannot differentiate what you want—something of positive naturefrom what you don’t want—a negative something—is in perpetual operation to provide whatever you focus your energy on. When that focus is on the fearful aspect of a situation—say lack of money, which is the focus of many—the universe can only provide situations to continue that lack because it has no reasoning ability to understand that what you want is enough money, not lack of it. You have the power to change your thoughts! Thinking I have money for everything I need and feeling grateful will start the universal flow that will provide it. 

6. Fear also arises about situations you don’t have any control over, such as the long-term effects on bodies of nuclear radiation, chemtrails, vaccines and depleted uranium. That is why we have stated in previous messages that concerns about those are unnecessary because their harmful effects, which exist only at low vibratory levels, will be eradicated along with everything else of low vibrations that cannot co-exist with fourth density’s high vibrations. All persons who accompany Earth into fourth density will be healed of the effects of those toxins and whatever other diseases and infirmities they may have.

7. Also we have addressed situations or conditions as diverse as seeds that produce only one crop, pollution of all kinds, genetically altered foods, destructive technology, freedom-restricting regulations, corporate corruption, detention camps and other things based in dark intent—none of those will be a part of life in fourth density. Nothing derived from darkness can exist in that density’s high vibrations!  

8. Further efforts to dispel fear include our many assurances that there will be no nuclear war, no terrorism like 9/11, no pandemics, no celestial bodies colliding with Earth or any other dire predictions such as cataclysmic changes in lands and seas that will make the planet uninhabitable.

9. And most important, we have stated repeatedly that balance is a prerequisite for evolving into higher densities and fear is a serious deterrent to achieving balance.

10. In our love for all souls on Earth—and for Gaia herself, the soul that took on that planetary body and loves all her residents—we are permitted to offer encouraging information and guidance, but interfering in any way with individuals’ free will to think and feel whatever they choose, we cannot—nor would we want to. We can, however, urge everyone not to go into fear about any situation at hand or forecast.  Not only does fear have the power to delay soul evolvement and create adverse personal circumstances, it is a painful feeling.  How much more valuable, sensible and joyful it is to live fearlessly! 

11. We wish that relating all of that were superfluous because no one will be touched by fear about the multitude of revelations forthcoming.  That would be idealistic, not realistic. Even lightworkers who are anticipating the advent of the Golden Age occasionally lapse into fear about this or that; the large contingent of fence straddlers are prone to fearful thoughts as well as skepticism; and fear is the most likely reaction—from our vantage point, it appears the certain reaction in many cases—of the great numbers of people who are stuck in third density thinking.

12. Simply by staying steadfast in the light, you keep fear at bay and by so doing, you radiate confidence, excitement and trust to all around you. Your energy alone can calm others’ anxieties about what is transpiring and where it is leading, and to the extent individuals are receptive, offer your knowledge about the fast-approaching world of peace, love and unity of spirit.    

13. This is good place to reply to How can we know if we’re moving forward with Earth?  You know intuitively. However, if self-doubt is precluding that innate knowledge from reaching consciousness, do an honest self-assessment. Attitudes and behavior such as jealousy, greed, dishonesty, arrogance, resentment, bitterness, anger, apathy and selfishness emit the low vibrations that keep one rooted in third density. If you recognize a tendency toward any of those in yourselves, turn your feelings and actions into the high vibrations of generosity, helpfulness, forgiveness, humility, truth, sincerity, patience, compassion and gratitude.  That may sound more complex than it really is, so we shall tell you that when the question about moving forward with Earth was asked of God, He replied, “It is as simple as BE KIND.” 

14. Going within for answers and heeding them—following your intuition—is advancement in soul evolvement, and so is separating the wheat from the chaff in your priorities. Ascension preparation includes divesting yourselves of third density’s pettiness, trivial interests and superficialities and adhering to the spiritual values in keeping with life in fourth density. 

15. There is another aspect to moving forward with Earth—not all souls chose to do this physically. Many who complete third density experiencing want to leave the planet prior to its entry into the Golden Age so they can observe this momentous happening from Nirvana’s “full screen,” you could say.   

16. To return to “irrefutable evidence” of the light’s progress, it is all around you but may not be recognized as such because it is perceived as darkness holding its ground. For instance, the continuation of fighting in Syria and other countries is the ever-increasing light in the citizens that overcame former fear of opposing their oppressive leaders. Vitriolic conflicts within governments is the growing numbers of light-receptive members who want to serve the citizenry’s interests and the self-serving members who are in the pockets of wealthy special interest groups. Economic stability has not been achieved because the old corrupt systems are being dismantled in their entirety so new systems based in integrity and fairness for all can be implemented with minimum disruption. Troop withdrawals are not a weakening of countries’ defenses, thereby inviting invasion by other armed nations; these are steps forward in changing the international mentality from war to peace. Although Earth will be releasing remaining pockets of negativity through earthquakes, eruptions and storms, those events will be lessening in severity, frequency and destructiveness because the Illuminati’s technological capability to generate them has been reduced by approximately half.            

17. Those positive perspectives of world affairs are obscured by the highly publicized bombastic activities on political and economic stages around your world as third density’s duality plays itself out. And negativity does still burn strongly in some individuals. Those who are motivated by financial and territorial profits want to provoke a war; but far from any successful new conquests, fighting will be winding down in one place after another. The grossly lopsided “have” and “have not” economy prevailing in much of your world also will be changing incrementally, and you will be seeing the tyrannical rulers, unjust justice systems and unfair taxation coming to an end.

18. We understand that you would like to know exactly when you will see specific accomplishments: When the world will be free of oppression and violence. When the global economy will be stabilized and the Federal Reserve and other thievery of global proportions eliminated. When the truth about 9/11 will come out. When food, housing, healthcare and education are available to all. And perhaps especially, when our universal family will come.  

19. Beloved souls, if those answers were known, it would be our great joy to tell you.  What we can tell you is, everyone’s safety is the paramount consideration of ongoing discussions about the most propitious timing and most effective ways to introduce profound truths and monumental reforms.  Due to the Illuminati’s tenacity in battling the light forces, during the past several years numerous adjustments in the master plan have been made in keeping with the objectives to eliminate armed resistance and prepare the populace psychically to the greatest extent possible.  

20. Illuminati control of military factions that could cause serious harm to you and landing crews has not yet been completely subdued. And, the majority of your civilization still is not ready to handle dramatic changes in fell swoops any more easily than they could eagerly greet a mass of extraterrestrials who suddenly appeared around the world.  Yet time is running short, so highly evolved souls in the universe are working in conjunction with your enlightened leaders to systematically reduce resistance areas and monitor the collective psyche so that changes can be safely initiated with minimal shock to those who have no idea that your world is being transformed with the aid of many other civilizations.

21. The clash between increasingly high vibrations along Earth’s ascension route and the low vibrations emitted by the Illuminati’s misuse of technology is causing similar upheaval in bodies’ electrical systems.  Even as the bodies of all who are light receptive are being upgraded at cellular level, many are experiencing episodes of fatigue, physical discomfort, and varying degrees of downheartedness and short-term memory loss. These effects are temporary and can be alleviated somewhat by sufficient sleep, drinking a great deal of pure water, eating less and choosing lighter foods, and mild exercise.   

22. That interaction of low and high vibrations also is contributing to what many are experiencing as a “hum.” Of your five primary senses, hearing is the most often and most seriously assaulted. Frequent exposure to noise from sources such as machinery, combat, construction, detonations, mining, roaring crowds, and raucous music damages the delicate mechanisms for hearing and identifying sounds. Although “ringing in the ears” that some individuals experience very likely is the malady tinnitus, the hum is global in scope and will disappear as bodies’ cellular makeup becomes more crystalline and the emission of low vibrations decreases.    

23. Another of your questions is pertinent here: When cells change from carbon to crystal, will that change chakras?  Oh, indeed! When DNA was altered in antiquity, chakras took a beating and their restoration is part of the cellular changes.  While you may think of mind, bones, organs and so forth as separate because of their different functions, every single cell constantly is interacting with all other cells, and a change in any one, whether beneficial or deleterious, affects the entire system. Thus, as cells are changing from carbon to crystal in light-receptive individuals, the chakras are being upgraded in sensitivity and quantity. 

24. Usually those who recognize the existence of chakras think of them as seven in number. Other areas will open as spiritual evolvement continues, and the bodies of highly evolved souls are like light magnets, they have so many points of entry. By contrast, chakras in individuals long inclined toward dark ways may close entirely as the conscience atrophies from lack of use. 

25. A frequently questioned topic can be summed up as one reader wrote: “What will happen to my money under a new system?”  Honestly earned income in bank accounts and various investments will not be adversely affected when the global monetary system based on precious metals is implemented.  However, even with widely publicized explanations preceding the changeover, probably a brief period of confusion will ensue until all commercial activity is operating smoothly within the new system. 

26. The only people who will be affected severely are those in the top ranks of the Illuminati, who have amassed unimaginably vast fortunes by illegal, immoral or tyrannical means.  Their holdings—dollar amounts in your “multi-quadrillions”—include banks and other lending institutions; caches of gold, silver, platinum and gems; multinational corporations; land and natural resources; their industry of “illegal” drugs; and art treasures, primarily in the bowels of the Vatican.  It is funds from those profit-generating holdings and the gold they have garnered and hoarded that will be brought back into circulation and distributed to eliminate impoverishment worldwide. The drugs will be destroyed and the trove of art treasures, which has been stolen or otherwise unethically accumulated, will be put into national museums and galleries. 

27. Now we move on to questions that are not looming large in the collective consciousness, but our responses may spark your interest.

28. Your scientists can’t accurately account for the shifting of Earth’s axis because they don’t know it is a natural result of her orbiting pattern that has been strengthened during the past seven decades or so by massive infusion of light from distant sources. Because they don’t know that the planet is on an ascension course, they are puzzled by what they are observing—natural occurrences they think are anomalous and “new” astral bodies appearing within or beyond your solar system.  They don’t know that their calculations in light years are useless because what they consider “distance” actually is varying planes of energy.  With such great differences between their knowledge and the universal reality, many within your scientific community will find it very challenging to accept the truths that will be revealed.    

29. Yes, using a gun or other type of weapon as a lifesaving measure for self or another “is acceptable.” Wounding or killing in such situations may be a provision of the soul contracts that completes third density experiencing and achieves balancing for all involved.  

30. What is sex like in 5th density? The answer depends on whether the lifetime is in a physical civilization or a spiritual realm, and even when those two residences are further defined, there is no uniform description. Some physical civilizations have advanced to fifth density intellectually but they haven’t a shred of spirituality, and their sexual practices are as brutal as the peoples’ nature. Some civilizations that are spiritually advanced to fifth density or beyond choose bodies of lower density mass so they can experience the closeness of sexual relations and birth instead of employing other means of reproduction such as cloning or intently focused thought. Residents of all spirit realms regardless of density have no reproductive organs, so sex as you know it doesn’t exist. What you can anticipate when Earth reaches her destination in fifth density is, all sexual unions will be blissful with mutually sublime sensations for the partners.  But we are happy to assure you, the joy of lovemaking in fourth density is not to be sneezed at!

31. If astrologers’ expertise is combined with visionary and spiritual clarity, they can prepare charts with accuracy based on Earth’s changing positions along her ascension course.

32. In our knowing of God, we can tell you it is fine with Him to be called God/Goddess or He/She—or any other name used in spiritual or religious reference.  However, ascribing both god and goddess selves to the ruler of this universe isn’t accurate because He is a god, not a goddess.  All of the gods and goddesses Creator selected to reign over their respective universes are at the zenith of balanced masculine and feminine energies—androgyny—so their essence encompasses both god and goddess attributes.  

33. As a part of God, by whatever name you call the supreme being of this universe, each of you is a god or goddess according to the gender you chose for this lifetime. More important by far than your physical form is the makeup of your soul, which is light, the same energy as love, and the most powerful force in the cosmos. Knowing this lets you understand the truth of what we often have told you: You are powerful beings with unlimited potential!

34. With the unconditional love of light beings throughout this universe, who are cheering you on as you near the “goal line,” we bid you farewell for this moment.


Suzanne Ward


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