Looking for the Juicy, Abundant, Tasty Joy of Life

September 11, 2011 | LaTonya

What will Bring you More Joy out of Life?

Are you looking for the juicy, peachy, delicious taste of life?  Are you relishing the days of carefree, abundant, playful living?  Are you looking to reclaim the Joyfulness that you know is the True You?

A friend of mine always ends her emails with “don’t forget to play…”  I love that.  Playing calms the mind, heals the body and awakens the spirit.  Laughter and play leads to empowerment.  Today, however, I found myself a little lackluster in feeling the joy of life and decided to do something about it.  I’ve finished the move to Sedona, am in the process of expanding the simpleascension.com endeavor and am truly enjoying the adventure of my new surroundings.  Yet, a part of me was still saying “Where’s the fun.  I want to feel the relaxed, playful, joyful feelings that are so rejuvenating and refreshing for me.  I’m looking for the juicy, abundant, tasty joy of life!”

Here is the guidance I received from Spirit and my Divine Essence on welcoming more joy into my life right now.  I hope you find these tips helpful.


1.  Make a Commitment.

Joy is our most natural state of being.  It’s only while we’re here and allow limiting beliefs, illusory thoughts or unbeneficial actions into our experience that we begin to move into an unbalanced state, not fully expressing as the true joy that we are.  As all experiences upon the Earthplane are influenced by our thoughts, words and actions, if we want more joy and pleasure out of life, it’s important that we make a commitment to ourselves to welcome more of that into our life.  As I make that commitment to myself for more joy in my life, such opens the doors of opportunity and gives Spirit permission so to speak to begin assisting in the accomplishment of that very outcome.

When we are asking to improve a situation in our life, it’s important that we fully commit to the desired outcome in order to obtain satisfactory results.  By making a commitment and setting our intent, we spark movement of the energy of life in beneficial ways.

If we want more joy out of life, let’s make a commitment to ourselves that joy is an important, necessary commodity in our life and thereby open up the space for it to express within our experience.

 2.  Trust Yourself About What Will Bring You Joy

Creator, Spirit and the angels often provide guidance and answer our requests for help through our physical and emotional feelings.  So another step we can take in this process is to look within and listen to our own heart about what will bring us more joy in our life.  I know that I am supported, guided and protected as I go within to listen to and act upon my feelings.

Personally, I’ve had 42 years of buying into what will bring me joy.  I’ve listened to what my parents, family, society and other authority figures have said about what is joyful…make a lot of money, go to school, get a house, get a dog,…  Yet, when it comes down to it, no one else experiences my life but me.  Therefore, I have decided that I will honor myself and my own feelings about what will bring me joy in my life.

We are each connected as one, yet expressing individuated, unique aspects of Creator.  Therefore, what brings one joy will vary from person to person based upon our own life path, purpose and energy of origin.  Go within to discover what would truly assist in allowing more joy and peace into your life and be willing to honor yourself and Creator by giving yourself the freedom to explore those avenues.

That will bring you more joy in your life? 

What parts of your life might you focus on more closely now to experience more joy?

I encourage you to take just a moment to go within and ask your Heart these very questions right now!

 3.  Be Willing to Release that Which no Longer Serves You

As we ask our Divine, Sacred Heart for guidance on increasing our joy, the answers will be provided. More often than not, we are already fully aware of those actions, behaviors and steps to take to increase the joy within our life, for such guidance is presented through the soft, quiet stirrings our Heart. After hearing our guidance, it is then up to us to then taken those steps and actions to effectuate that change.

Ask yourself now:  Would it best serve you to release something now?  Would it serve you to make a change in your diet, release a habit like smoking or drinking, or take more walks, or open your heart to those around you more, smile more?

If there is something you know you’d be better served to release, but at the same time, you feel you’re not ready to release that experience yet out of fear, stubbornness or pride, etc., know that you can take baby steps and just ask yourself for more openness on the topic.  For example, if you would like to release smoking, but feel you’re not ready to fully release that yet, instead just ask that you open yourself to see more about how that habit effects you in your daily life – ask to see more about just how the habit is helping you or not in your daily life.  (I share this because this is a path I’m on presently).

I choose to willingly release that which is not serving me to open up a space for that which is truly beneficial in my life to flow into my experience.  It’s okay to take baby steps in the process of releasing that which no longer serves us.

We can always ask Creator and our Divine Self to give us the courage needed to make the beneficial changes needed in our life.

4.  Know that You are Supported in the Process

I am open to accept heavenly assistance in all areas of my life.  After setting our intent for more joy in our lives, going within to see what we can do to increase our joy or what we might release from our experience in order to have more joy, and being willing to take baby steps to follow our guidance, our work is done.  We can then give any worries, cares and concerns over to Spirit regarding this in exchange for true peace in all ways.  Accept the help of Spirit gratefully and gracefully have faith that the Universe will assist you in opening up to more joy in your life.

As an example of this, as I was writing this post, my brother called out of the blue to wish me much joy, peace and abundance in my life.  His call also gave me the opportunity to wish him well in a professional journey he is taking today in order to assist another.  It was great to hear from him and the call brought such a wonderful piece of joy to my life today.  Wow!  Spirit works fast!  LOL!

5.  Don’t Forget to Play and Share!

Sometimes we forget that we can receive joy by giving and sharing joy with another.  Simple, huh?


Joy is our natural state of being.  Our Divine Self is connected in Oneness to the One Mind that has all the answers about what we would be best served to think, feel, know, do or say to experience true joy.  Have faith that you are connected to and at one with your Divine Self and that All Knowing part of You will support and assist you in creating a joyful life.

I yearn to experience more of that part of me that is true joy, unconditional love and peace.  I am in love with that part of me and therefore I am in love with Me.  I will trust Me to show me the way Home to True Joy!

Will you?

Have a joyful and happy day!  I know I will!

Don’t forget to play!

Love, peace and blessings,

P.S.  If you would like some assistance or support in opening up to more joy out of life, we would love to assist you and expand right along with you into greater levels of joy in our experience.   It would bring us joy to share the Love and Light of ALL with you in this way.  https://simpleascension.com.




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