Knocking Down Walls and Living the Creator Life

June 10, 2011 | LaTonya


There once was a woman who was born to love, to help and to play.  And boy did she want to play! She wanted to run.  She wanted to skip.  She wanted to laugh.  She wanted to jump up and down and yell from the rooftops about joy –  the joy of life, the joy of living, the joy of feeling, the joy of crying, the joy of dying back into the Essence to be reborn again to play and experience yet even more.

There once was a woman, both a little girl and a little boy at heart, who came here to express.  And for a long while she did.  The woods were an adventure, playing with the ants and insects gave her great friendship, studying the clouds brought her great joy.  She opened here Heart to everyone and everywhere the little girl went, the joy inside her bubbled up and out of the smile on her face.  Sometimes she yelled and marveled at the beauty of her voice.  Sometimes she cried, but always felt better afterwards, viewing her tears as a bridge leading her to the ocean of God.  She did it all, experienced it all.  She laughed, she played, she hugged others and told them how much she loved them, loved life, loving playing, loved experiencing, which in turn expressed how much she loved herself.

Yet, as she grew older and older, the little girl began closing off the expression of her joy.  Little by little she shut down and stopped laughing, stopped crying, stopped yelling, stopped expressing.  She had forgotten the joy of crying.  Instead, she began to believe that crying was wrong, it was bad.  It meant she was weak, instead of strong.  So the little girl built a wall around her heart, encasing it to protect herself from the hurt.

What was she to do?

For without expression, life becomes and had become meaningless.  As a result, and seeking comfort and peace, the little girl started checking out, returning to Spirit in her mind more and more.  Often times she’d have a far away look in her eyes and she was less friendly, less fearless, less joyful.  Instead, she checked out and began returning Home mentally so that she could live out the expression she so longed to do on Earth in the land of Spirit where she felt there were no daggers, no roadblocks, no critics, no judgment.

Soon though, the little girl noticed that the constant disappearing from her life had effects.  She looked and noticed that she was not so “little” anymore.  The walls around here were huge!  For now, not only was her Heart encased behind a wall, but she’d then created and gained physical weight representing that same wall to further protect her and shield her from the world.

The wall the little girl created was very good at its job.  It was magnificent indeed, for the little girl created it out of her Divinity, and she was a magnificent Creator.

The walls kept her from being hurt by keeping others away so that they could not accidentally touch the little girl’s Heart with pain, with  judgment, or with anger.  However, the wall also prevented others from touching her with their Hearts and their Love as well.  The walls prevented the little girl from giving and receiving that which was really the most precious to her – love…laughter…joy…experience.

As the years went by, this withdrawal continued on until the little girl woke up one day and discovered that she could no longer feel at all!  The once joyful girl felt lost, hopeless, alone and frightened.

What was she to do?

Whenever I’m looking to help the little girl inside me out of her box, here is what I share with her:





The boxes and walls you’ve placed around your Heart, though seemingly hard, are really made of simple sand that will easily fall with the slightest puff of wind from your breath blown at them in Love.  Fear has no place within you unless you choose to make it a home.  You are eternal, born unto Infinity.  On your breath and through your words fly the Love of the Creator who created you.  Reflected in your eyes may you and others find peace, joy and remembrance of Who You Are.  Live unto the dying breath of this life and then, if you choose, breathe yet again into another.  Spread the Love, spread the seed of True Life and bring joy unto this world.

Where you walk, goes God.  Where you look, is God.  Share the Love inside of you with all others, for in doing so you’ll be sharing it with yourself.  Joy unto the world through you, as you, with you, as Me, as Love Incarnate.  Life experienced is Joy Lived.  Joy lived is Joy Experienced.  Joy experienced is Heaven on Earth.

Know that you came here to express, to share Love and to be Loved.  For you are Love Incarnate.  You came here to experience the ups, the downs, the highs, the lows and the sideways.  You came here to experience.  What you experience as pain is simply one facet of emotion created here by you as a Creator to remind you that you cannot ever be truly hurt, for you are eternal.  You are forever shielded, guided and protected – for so long as you would have that be so.  So experience.  Soak it all up.  Live it up.  Most of all CHOOSE!  Make a choice and experience your resulting creations.  Then if you like, make another choice and experience the effects and creations of that one.  The world is your playground, built for you and by you, as one with the One.

So LIVE, Dear One, LIVE!

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