June 2012 Videos of Star Family Contacts to Share with Friends and Family

July 7, 2012 | LaTonya

Below is an excellent video summary of Star Family’s contacts with us during June 2012.

June 2012 Video Summary of Star Family Contacts with Us


This second video summarizes some of the astronaut and pilot contacts with UFOs over the years.  NOTE:  Despite the somewhat fear-inspiring pictures of aliens at the end of this second video, Star Family has as diverse an appearance as do the humans and animals in nature on our planet.  Much of Star Family looks just like us and these are the Star Family we’ll be introduced to first during Disclosure.  So don’t let the pictures at the end of the second video throw you off! I  included the second video with the astronaut and pilot audio clips as it might be helpful for those looking for more “scientific” proof of the existence of Star Family.

Radio Transmissions from Astonauts and Pilots Describing ET Spacecraft


This third set of  videos are clips showing Star Family assisting the firefighters helping to resolve the Colorado wildfires.  It’s may favorite of all the  June 2012 videos.  I jumped for joy in seeing Star Family in this video.   I feel there was an open invitation in that video.  As you’ll notice, the UFO (really IFO – “identified flying object”) eventually overtakes and flies in front of our helicopters.  Here, the GFL was sending a message saying “hey, we have  some advanced technology for firefighting (and a whole host of other things) and will use it to assist humanity if you want, but we have to be invited to do so for we won’t interfere with your free will!”

Here, Star Family is  also saying “Yes, we’re here, we’ve been helping you all along and are now going to be a bit more obvious about it!”

Welcome, Star Family, Welcome!  And thanks for your assistance!

Waldo Canyon Fire Spacecraft Caught by Local News Team


Second video showing first video footage recorded directly from televised coverage of the event.



1.  If you’d like assistance connecting with Star Family directly, here’s a post that might help:  7 Tips for Effective, Direct Communication with our Star Family in the Skies

2.  Find out more about the Galactic Federation of Light and Ashtar Command here:  Introducing…The Galactic Federation of Light and Ashtar Command.

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