It’s All About The Translation of Vibration!

September 11, 2011 | LaTonya

As we know, everything is energy.
We are energy and everything that surrounds us is, at its core, pure energy too!
Understanding the energy vibration translation process can assist us in healing the body and calming the mind.
In fact, our entire lives are about the translation of vibration!

For those saying, “what?”…

Below is a short clip of part of The Secret film that was edited out before release of the film.  One of my favorite parts of this clip shares the following:

Everything that you observe with your physical senses is vibrational interpretation.
You hear because your ears translate vibration…
You see because your eyes translate vibration…
You smell because your nose translates vibration…
Your fingers translate vibration…
Your tongue is translating vibration…

All of your senses are about the translation of vibration and that’s why you’re able to perceive your environment in the way that you do.

The Secret (edited clip).

It’s all about the translation of vibration, folks!  (I just love the rhyme!  Been saying it all morning!)

After watching this clip below, perhaps you too will be inspired to take a moment and do some conscious vibration translation of your own, then you could ask yourself ….

How’s my vibration today?
What are my thoughts and overall energy state sharing with the world today?
Am I pleased with that?
Do I want to change or raise my vibrational message being broadcast to the world or keep it right where it is?

When you go within, is there anything that comes to you that may be healed in the mind or body through your working with the vibrational energies that surround you…that are you?

All interesting questions and ones I asked myself just this morning.  I had some interesting revelations during this process and encourage your exploration of these questions too.  You just might surprise yourself with what comes through!


Love, peace and blessings,



Here’s the video clip from The Secret I referenced above:



NOTE:  Many thanks to Queenie TCoach for posting this on the wall of Charles’ facebook group, Humanity Community Center. I hadn’t seen this yet.  I love living in a world where such beneficial messages are shared with me at just the right and perfect time for me by all those loving, devoted friends that surround me always.  I hadn’t met Queenie TCoach yet (she’s a coach too) when I saw her post, but she took the time to post on Humanity Community Center and by doing so, benefited me greatly today, for her post assisted me in deciding to shift my vibration to a higher resonance for my day today.  Thanks, Queenie TCoach!

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