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Is this Visible Proof of the Ascension Energies Flooding our Planet?

by LaTonya in Miscellaneous

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Is the video below showing evidence of a galactic wave hitting the planet on December 19, 2016? [1]

It has been shared that high vibration energy is flooding Gaia at this time to help with both global ascension and personal ascension.  Is the microwave imagery in this video showing us tangible, visual proof of these high vibration energy waves?


In the video, Dutchsinse is showing microwave backround images from the MIMIC-TPW microwave measuring tool housed at the University of Wisconsin. [2] “The images shown on MIMIC are derived from microwave satellite imagery and usually shows total precipitation or water vapor in the different storm systems around the planet.” [3]

Dutchsinse, a scientist of sorts,  shares that the “MIMIC TPW is showing a wave form of some kind appearing to cross the whole planet for several hours starting on 12/18/16.”[3]

The Sun gives off heat in the form of infrared light, but also radio waves, microwaves, ultraviolet waves, x-rays, and visible light.  As the video shows, when a solar flare hits the earth, that solar flare will show up on the MIMIC-TPW images as a white space.  That’s different than what he’s seeing now. [3]

Dutshsinse is amazed because the MIMIC-TPW images seem to be showing a gigantic wave hitting the earth that is more powerful than anything we’ve seen come from the Sun.

I share in Dutchsinse’s awe and his questions? What is it?  What is the source of these gigantic energy waves?

Are the waves shown in the video are examples of the effects of energy waves from the Cosmic Central Sun hitting our planet?

What does your own inner truth share with you about what’s going on here as seen in the video?

The Video

Here is more of what Dutchsinse shares in the 12/19/16 12:36 am video [3]:

What you’re going to see on the screen here is not a storm of any kind that we would normally think of storm forming wise – like precipitation or water.  What this is is a planetary disturbance of some kind, some kind of global shock wave of some kind of energy that is working along the same bandwidths that the satellite is detecting in…

Observing this water vapor is detecting an energy return… This is not a glitch.  This is not a computer error… We’ve seen this happen before with x class solar flares, but nothing like what you’re seeing on the screen here now…

I don’t want to get into conspiracy.  I don’t want to get into crazy talk.  I don’t want to talk about all the stuff that people have been talking about online recently …

This is the biggest dang coincidence in the world. If it is a coincidence.  And I’m not willing to discount coincidence.  But… look guys…

There is a giant wave hitting the earth right now showing up on the microwave backgorund imagery and you’ve really got to wonder, What is causing it?

It’s not a glitch. Is it a practical joke? …

We’re gonna end it there… Get this out.. Let people know it’s going down.  You can stand by it.  It’s not a glitch.  It’s not a computer malfunction.

Maybe somebody’s playing a joke on us at Mimic? That’s the only thing that I could think.

Maybe somebody’s got wind of that whole conspiracy online about the galactic wave and decided to have some fun?

But other than that, I would dare say it’s real.  Unless somebody’s messing around and putting this on the feed, it’s real.

Here’s the actual video from Dutchsinse on Youtube. It was fascinating to watch. [4]

Update Video

Dutchsinse actually made a second video the next day, 12/20/16, giving an update on the phenomenon. See the link in the notes below. [5]



[1] Youtube video:  “Large wave of energy from unknown source hitting Earth now – Possible effects?”, 19/19/16, by Dutchsinse,

[2]  MIMIC-TPW stands for Morphed Integrated Microwave Imagery at CIMSS – Total Precipitable Water (MIMIC-TPW).  Here is the link to the MIMIC-TPW website:

[3]  This video was made by Dutchsinse on Youtube at 12:36 am CT on December 19, 2016.  I checked and found that the S shaped waves Dutchsinse referred to in this first video were still being seen on the Mimic images as of December 20th at 2 pm CT.  Youtube video:  “Large wave of energy from unknown source hitting Earth now – Possible effects?”, 19/19/16, by Dutchsinse, (emphasis added.)

[4]  Dutchsinse appears to track earthquakes.  In the video Dutchsinse wonders whether the high energy hitting the planet is going to cause severe earthquakes.  Please do not go into fear when hearing this.  We can each ask Gaia to accomplish any changes needed on the planet in the way for the highest and best good of all with the least harm to plant, animal and human possible.

[5]  Here is the update video from Dutchsinse dated 12/19/16, but published in the early morning hours of 12/20/16:  M6.7 earthquake strikes during update — Deep EQ leads to large EQ

In this update video, Dutchsinse contradicts MIMIC’s claim that the wave from going across the entire planet is simply “missing data” or “a data glitch”.  Dutchsinse scientifically tracks solar flares, earthquakes, storms and HAARP effects across the globe and explains in this video why MIMIC’s claim of “bad data” does not explain what we’re seeing on the MIMIC imagery.

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