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September 16, 2016 | LaTonya

Book a Pure Energy Mini Diagnostic Report today and get important key information regarding your own unique energy system. It’s like a diagnostic for your car, but for your energy system instead. Release confusion, doubt and pain and gain more peace, clarity and joy. Get the information you need to change and empower your life.

What you Get with a Pure Energy Mini-Diagnostic Report

The Mini Diagnostic Report is a smaller version of the full Pure Energy Diagnostic Report offered Here.

(Said another way, this Mini Diagnostic Report is a sample of a small portion of the areas covered in a full Pure Energy Diagnostic Report.)

Discover vital information in 3 key areas:

baselines 1.  Baseline Measurements

Receive information on key baseline measurements that change over time such as: spiritual protection level, overall body and energetic frequency, life force levels in volts, amps and resistance, brain wave frequency, auric sealing, energy system voids, pineal gland activation, and aura vibration rate in Hertz. Find out if something is impeding the uninterrupted flow of Life Force Energy throughout your system.

core-fears 2.  Top 3 Core Fears

Discover your top 3 core fears and have them energetically removed from your energy field at the point of origin, including from your DNA, cellular, mental, emotional, muscle, tissue and organ memories. Core Fears such as the fear of abandonment, starvation, losing control, showing emotions, dying etc., are a constant drag on our energy that hold us back. Clear the Fear and give yourself a clean slate so that you can soar to your maximum potential during these shifting times of ascension.

expanded-identity 3.  Expanded Identities

Have fun getting to know yourself on different levels.  Along with being human, perhaps you’re also a walk-in, starseed, incarnate angel, gatekeeper or a 9D Time Lord?  Find out.  Get confirmation of what’s been flowing you’re your Heart about who you truly are! Close up the holes in your spiritual identity and experience less doubt, uncertainty and pain and more acceptance, self-love, peace and joy.  Learn more about your Expanded Identity in a fun and playful way.

Learn More about the Pure Energy Mini Diagnostic

Ready to Get Started?

Contact us today to get started on the process. If you have any questions we will be more than happy to advise.


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