Beautiful Rainbow Lightship over Sedona, AZ USA -Thanksgiving Day

December 28, 2014 | LaTonya

Below is a video showing a beautiful rainbow lightship hovering low on the southeast horizon near my home in Sedona, AZ, USA. There are two videos in one.   This video was taken with my Canon Powershot 8 megapixel compact camera.  So the quality is not the best, but I found what is there to be absolutely beautiful.

The first night I saw this incredible lightship was Thanksgiving Night, 11/22/12 at 11:15 pm MST. The second video (starts at 4:02 minutes in) was taken the very next night, Friday, 11/23/12 at 10:45 pm MST.

I feel the same ship showed up on both nights.  While it appeared more as an orb on camera, to the naked eye, this ship looked like a firecracker in the sky reflecting off brilliant, intense colors of rainbow light.  Most of the shaking on the video is from my arm moving while holding the camera. While the ship remained in the same general location, it  was indeed moving from left to right, right to left, up and down and in circular patterns.  These unpredictable patterns of movement distinguished the ship from being a satellite or basic star moving across the sky over the course of a night.

The results of my communication with the ship and the beings on it on Thursday 11/22/12 resulted in my being so energized that it took me hours to get to sleep that night!  And all that started after 11:15 pm at night, during a time when I would normally easily be falling asleep.  I love sharing and connecting with our Galactic Star Family in the skies and I love sharing my experiences with you!


Love, peace and blessings,



I Know My Galactic Family is Here, Do You

The objects seen in the sky over Sedona in the above video ( are most likely spacecraft from galactic civilizations who are here around the Earth at the present time on friendly missions, making contact with this planet…

Please see the following video for further explanation [2].


[1]  For more of these sharings or if you’d like some info on helpful ways to expand your own, direct connecting with our Galactic Family, check out  7 Tips for Communicating with Star Family.

[2]  “I Know My Galactic Family is Here, Do You” video shared with the world by

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