Important – Are We Over-Relying on Star Family?

March 23, 2012 | LaTonya

Are you one who believes we’re relying too much on Star Family for assistance leading up to ascension?  I repost here an article from discussing this very topic.

The way I see it, there are two areas related to ascension – global ascension and personal ascension.  Star Family is assisting us with global ascension topics such as releasing the stranglehold of the Cabal/ Illuminati on our lives, increasing the abundance of the people, restoring the environment, introducing new technologies that will free us up from working hour after hour to create food or manufacture products for our everyday needs, etc.  Star Family is in a better position to address these global topics and they are doing so in order to free up our time so that Humanity can move out of survival mode and have ample time to focus on personal ascension issues.

We are each individually taking the lead on our own personal ascension issues and Star Family is there to support and assist us through those issues as well.  I am thankful to the Galactic Federation of Light / Ashtar Command and all of Star Family for their assistance with global ascension issues and plan to continue doing my part to address my own personal ascension issues so that I may continue adding love and light to this Earth.  Everything I do for my own personal growth and expansion adds to the light upon this world – what I do personally helps globally.

The Galactic Federation of Light / Ashtar Command are assisting us with global ascension issues they are best suited to address as part of their cosmic mission of assisting civilizations on the cusp of evolutionary leaps in vibration and consciousness.  They are taking the lead on those global issues that must be addressed ahead of time and are then turning those global issues over to humanity for pursuit and ultimate resolution through our own Earthly justice systems.

Additionally, remember, there is no time.  So Star Family is composed of our own past and future selves – it’s family.  It’s us – visiting us – to help us.

So I agree with flavor of the article below in that there is no anomoly between accepting assistance from the GFL/AC and standing on my own two feet.  This is an important topic and I believe that and Steve Beckow did an excellent job of addressing the issue.

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No Necessary Anomaly Exists

2012 March 20

There is a dispute going on between those who say that we should rely on ourselves, our discernment, our own efforts, etc., and those who “know” they are here to serve in the major events that are upcoming, which include Disclosure, NESARA, terraforming, the resuscitation of those who have been exploited, etc., and often take their lead from (reliable) galactic communications.

In some respects the debate makes no sense; in others it seems naieve.

If people are saying that we could have pushed back the cabal on our own, perhaps – in another thousand years. But we forget that even now not many people are awake to what the cabal has planned or done to us. The cabal’s own propaganda has so thoroughly lulled us to sleep that it’s difficult even now to get many members of the public to wake up and see what’s happening around them.

Moreover the cabal has weaponry that we could never have come up against and succeeded. I post one video here to illustrate just one weapon.

But I could have posted videos on rods of God, chip implants, directed-energy weapons, chemtrails nanodevices, or any range of high-tech equipment that the national-security state has churned out since 9/11 designed to take away our freedoms and enslave us.

We need to recall that the destruction of the cabal’s command centers, the takedown of HAARP, the neutralizing of pandemics and vaccines, the mitigation of earthquakes and hurricanes, the removal of depleted uranium from the air, and even the destruction of the financial empire of the cabal and the arrest of its members could not have taken place so quickly without the intimate and essential help of the galactics.

Consider just one thing that the galactics have done, which is to prohibit the explosion of nuclear bombs in warlike conditions (not in testing) on the planet or in space. That alone saved us from the cabal starting World War III by bombing Iran. That alone could have killed billions on the planet. How would self-reliance or any of the other well-sounding statements have protected us from a nuclear world war?

I personally very much doubt that we could have overthrown the cabal today (and we have not completed that task yet) if the galactics had not helped us. And to say otherwise is in my view wishful thinking.

The debate makes no sense to me because no one – not the galactics and not us lightworkers, starseeds and Earth allies – have ever said or implied that people should not be standing on their own two feet, shouldering their work, and going inward.

Search this site and what will you find? Exhortations to emerge, seek God within, and listen to your inner voice. Invitations to use your own discernment. Reminders that Ascension comes from our own efforts.

The galactics know that most of what we will accomplish in the months ahead leading to Ascension will be by our own efforts. They remind us of that regularly. That does not mean that they are not radiating substantial, transformative loving energies at us to give us the boost we need. But everything else about Ascension depends entirely on what we do with those energies, our old baggage, raising our own vibrations, and so on.

So there is not a choice to be made between listening to the galactics and standing on our own two feet. Both are desirable. Why not say that we want to do without the weather report and stand on our own two feet? We could do that but why would we want to?

The galactics are here to help us achieve the goals which we ourselves want. We want abundance, an end to disease, increasing wisdom, enlightenment. The galactics are here to assist us with them. Why then turn down their assistance? To do so is nonsensical.

No necessary anomaly exists between working with the galactics and standing on our own two feet. If anything, both are necessary or desirable.


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