Imminent Televised Event: Mass Arrests of 10,000 Global Cabal Members – 2012

March 16, 2012 | LaTonya

Here’s a link to an informative video regarding the imminent arrest of members of the Cabal / Illuminati.  If you feel called to do so, please pass this message on.  Just copy and past the link into facebook, twitter, your site or other social networks.

Please pass this video on far and wide.  It’s important that as many of humanity as possible are informed of the importance of these arrests and events for Humanity, both globally and personally.  As soon as the arrests are complete and these mistaken members of Humanity are removed from power, they will no longer control the worldwide abundance that already exists and this abundance will then be able to freely flow to the people.

Link to the video (post of facebook / twitter / your site, etc. if you like):


Click Youtube logo to watch in big screen.
(Helpful to see the written message at the end)

Many are resigning rather than face arrest.
Granted some of these resignations may be unrelated to the current project, however we suspect many of them are.  I enjoy witnessing tangible proof of the Galactic Federation of Light and our Earth allies in action.  This is it!
See the latest tally of arrests / resignations here:

Note:  Remember, the Galactic Federation of Light / Ashtar Command are here to assist with global ascension issues – as they are in a better position to address these issues than each of us are individually at the moment.  While these global ascension issues are being worked out, we can still do our part by passing on these messages and continuing to address whatever personal ascension issues remain on an individual level – by going within, connecting with Creator and our guides and releasing old, stuck energy that’s no longer serving us so that we can raise our vibration and easily and gracefully flow into 5th dimensional living and experience.   If you would like support with your own, individual ascension process, join as a member or Contact Us.

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